hello world!... in this article I will show you some of my favorite fictional characters of all time!! enjoy. xx

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore is an vampire who is in love with Elena Gilbert, he is one of the Salvatore brothers. One thing that I love him the most is his answers and moves. He is smoking hot and have you seen his eyes? At first I hated him but than I got to know him better. Love hurts, his love for one simple girl and his vampire brother. He is such a badass and he is the best vampire ever. Don't argue for that....

blood boy bitch damon

Dean Winchster
Okay here comes the love of my life... I fell in love with Dean the second I saw him. He is a badass/smoking hot hunter. He is an amazing brother and he risks a lot, he is has been through a lot, and I love his sarcastic sentences, his style, when he cries, when he kills a monster, when he protects the people he loves. He is freaking awesome.

dean dean dean dean

Stiles Stilinski
Stiles... He is such a dork and that's why I love him, he is a loyal friend, SARCASM ON POINT, and he is so funny and a cutie. He is like most of the people, who needs to be protected all the time. I love him.

teen wolf sleep Superthumb funny

Hanna Marin
Okay I love Hanna cause she is a queen, she is strong and her style... She is perfect and she is funny too, I think she's a pretty good friend.

Superthumb blonde funny hanna

Rick Grimes
Okay here we go... Rick IS THE MOST FANTASTIC CHARACTER OF ALL THE FREAKING TIME!! He is an amazing father, friend, fighter, lover... he has been through A LOT and he deserves the best, but no seriously A LOT, he inspires me... He shows what a human can do to survive for it's life. I love him so much.....

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock is just fantastic. His sarcastic but psychological answers are my favorite. I really love his style and how smart he is. He may not be the best at some moments but is a great human being and I adore him.

sherlock sherlock Martin Freeman alone

Tony Stark
Tony.... The best man... Seriously he is pure gold and the best ever... His suit it's one thing but it's his personality that I love. He doesn't follow anyone, he is a genius, I love when he flirts, he is so cute and a dork, he has been through a lot and he is such a baby. Than he is Iron Man! I freaking love him.

iron man Avengers Superthumb Avengers

Matt Murdock
Okay who doesn't love Daredevil? Matt IS a dork, I love his fighting skills and how much he loves his city, his costume is DOPE, and he is so sweet, I mean I love him....

Superthumb charlie Superthumb Superthumb

Natasha Romanoff
I loveee Black Widow!! I love a female badass who stands up for herself! She is amazing and so beautiful! And gosh her fighting skills, I mean...

Avengers Superthumb black widow Marvel

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is a total queen, I love her clothes even though they are always the same haha, I love her dark personality, her skills, her sarcasm.

Superthumb aesthetic couple Superthumb

Jughead Jones
Jughead is my baby. He is such a great boyfriend, friend and son. he wants to protects his own kind but sometimes it's too much and he gets in trouble... I love this dork...

cole sprouse boy weird Hot

Steve Rogers
I love our captain. He is amazing and so strong, I feel so sorry for him in the beginning, he deserves the best and he is an amazing leader.

captain america Superthumb Avengers Superthumb

Jace Wayland
Okay so how can you not love this sexy hunter> I love Jace with all my heart, he is rude and dark and that's why I love him, but he's sarcastic so, 10000% perfect. ;)

Superthumb jace wayland Superthumb jace

Fat Amy
And last but not least... Fat Amy!! I love her cause she is freaking funny! I mean can you not??

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

okayy sorry if it was long.... but hope you liked it! :) I love them all sooo much! what's your favorite? Thanks for reading and pls check my other articles. xoxo