40 Places I want to (re)visit from all over the world. They are in no particular order. Hope you enjoy the article 💕

paris image girl, hair, and london image travel, russia, and moscow image travel image
Paris, London, Moscow, Milan
travel, friends, and italy image blonde, blue dress, and chic image girl, travel, and explore image Image by ĸαᴙιɴα♛
Rome, Dubai, Venice, San Francisco
fashion, girl, and outfit image budapest, hair, and hairstyle image amsterdam, travel, and follow me to image girl, summer, and travel image
Barcelona, Budapest, Amsterdam, Santorini
Las Vegas, couple, and travel image city and travel image girl and travel image awesome, beauty, and color image
Las Vegas, Chicago, Athens, Procida
Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, fashion, and hair image florence, outfit, and stripes image hair, travel, and style image
Segovia, New York City, Florence, Sydney
fashion, travel, and style image europe, explore, and fashion image Image by Eugenia architecture, asia, and buildings image
Berlin, Vernazza (Cinque Terre), Prague, Kuala Lumpur
Image by Eugenia couple and love image singapore image art, beautiful, and girl image
Zakynthos, Vatican City, Singapore, Samarqand
car, Chica, and city image cape town, explore, and south africa image Image removed chichen itza, girl, and mexico image
Madrid, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Chichén Itzá
travel, india, and adventure image dubrovnik and old town image travel, cuba, and city image beach, fashion, and girl image
Agra, Dubrovnik, Havana, Los Angeles
girl, hair, and blonde image egypt, pyramid, and giza image machu picchu and cusco image adventure, grand canyon, and girls image
Verona, Giza, Machu Picchu, Grand Canyon

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