Hi guys,
My first article was about being happy. I gave you guys self care as a tip to become happy. I thought why not share my self care routine to help you guys inspire. Let's get started

1. Wake up early
alarm clock bed
My self care day is on a Sunday. What I like to do is wake up early so I have a whole day for myself. I like to finish all of my schoolwork on Saturday so I don't have to worry about that on my self care day. I mostly wake up between 6 or 7 am and try to get up right away.
2. Stare at the sky
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I am lucky to have a big window in my room. What I like to do is open up my window and sit on my desk chair. The only thing I do now is stare at the sky. After 7 am, the sky is getting beautiful colors and this really relaxes me.
3. Any type of journaling
aesthetic aesthetic
After staring at the sky for like 10 - 15 minutes I take my journal and start writing. I just write down how I feel at that moment. This relaxes my brain.
4. Face care
beauty beauty
After journaling I go in the bathroom to start my face care routine. I will not get into details, if you guys want a separate article let me know <3. First I brush my teeth and than start my face care. I wash my face with warm water first. After that I use a face gel and wash it off with lukewarm water. When I am finished with washing my face I take a cotton pad and put on some toner on my face. Lastly I moisturize my face.
5. Feeling pretty
bra lingerie
When I am finished with my face care routine I get back into my room and put on some clothes I feel good in. This can be anything. After putting on beautiful clothes I brush my hair and put it in a style I want that day. I don't use make up on this day because I like to let my face breathe. I wear make up on a daily basis so I like to take a break
6. Breakfast
awesome breakfast
After I finished all of the above I start preparing my breakfast. On this day I take time to prepare my breakfast. I try to make it look fancy.

This is my morning self care routine. I hope that you will get inspired by this. I have other articles which you can check, I'll leave the links down below. Have a beautiful day.