Hello lovely hearters! Its @Whispiral here with #thisismechallenge. This is something i've been meaning to do since most of you have no idea who i am.

So whats the best thing before writing an essay about myself which also promotes images of other hearters? This challenge of course!

This is a creative way to desrcibe and express yourself in images instead. Somewhat like the ABC Tag!

o n e | thoughts

quotes image journal image
"She will always be known for that smile, that heart, that mind, body and soul."

t w o | passions

sun, bus, and people image book, glasses, and writing image
"she loved the thrill of adventure and the need for her thoughts inked on paper"

t h r e e | as a friend

girls and friends image friends, paris, and bff image
"she was kind, in a way that made them all want to stay"

f o u r | style

Image removed hair, girl, and braid image
urban-vibes&context_type=collection "her words are a bullet, her mouth's a gun"

f i v e | beliefs

smile, quotes, and tumblr image love, quotes, and power image
"she was beautiful for the way that she thought"

s i x | lifestyle

city, light, and night image fruit, food, and flowers image
"vegetarian and canada all the way"

s e v e n | family

beautiful, mommy, and mom image Temporarily removed
"they wont ever let go"

e i g h t | love

couple, rare, and forever image couple, kiss, and love image
"find love that is worth it"

n i n e | favorite aesthetic

plants, green, and home image art, alternative, and nature image
"floral bliss"

t e n | music

letters, music, and love image letters, music, and quotes image
"pop music, taylor swift, james arthur, zayn, sia and like, get me through the day"

b o n u s | as a hearter

@Whispiral has been my username ever since I've joined this lovely community. In fact, this was my second account. My first account was @thirdwish which I now call my side account. WeHeartIt became a part of me ever since I started. People don't understand how much a social media platform which such positivity and inspiration can change one. Its a beautiful change from Instagram and I wish the WHI team for their achievement.

animation, black and white, and blonde image

Thats it you lovely people, if you by chance got your image mentioned in the article, i challenge you to recreate this article with your own images! Images you mentioned get tagged and can do thids as well! Thank you and keep on hearting!

PS. If you don't want to do this tag, its fine!