Hello! Today I decided to do the #ThisIsMeChallenge. Basically, this is a way to get to now me through some pictures that describes me.

1) Style

fashion, outfit, and skirt image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, flowers, and pink image fashion, girl, and style image
I like clothes that are either black or colorful. I know, it like the opposite, but that’s what I like in fashion.

2) Color

cool, pics, and rainbow image beach, sunset, and pink image beautiful, hannah, and waterfall image art, drawing, and colors image
Obviously, I just like all the colors. I like it especially when all of them are together like the top left one. I also like it when there are half blended together to make a beautiful scene, like the one on the top right.

3) Passions

book, butterfly, and nature image music, fly, and guitar image girl, Calvin Klein, and music image study, notes, and aesthetic image
I like to read, music, sleeping, and writing.

4) Animals

adorable, kitten, and looking image Image removed dog, girl, and cute image dog, girl, and animal image
I love dogs. (And cute cats.)

5) Food

fruit, food, and healthy image fruit, food, and watermelon image fruit, food, and healthy image art, fruit, and eat image
I am in love with FRUITS!

6) Personality

girl, friends, and bff image 5, alone, and damn image sleep, eyes, and quotes image girl, hair, and blonde image
This is who I am!

7) Dreams and Goals

love, family, and baby image study, school, and white image couple and love image girl, travel, and car image
Love and Happiness is all.

8) Books

harry potter, book, and mini image lion, narnia, and Lucy image book, read, and hunger games image book image
I like the Harry Potter Series, Narnia, Hunger Games, and Forbidden Love!

9) Movies

stranger things, grunge, and style image harry potter, hermione granger, and hermione image
I’m not much into movies, more into books.

10) Lifestyle

tea time, fashion style, and breakfast coffee image black, girl, and white image bed, black, and girl image book, reading, and shut up image
I love to read, read, and sleep.

If you haven’t yet, fix it😋

funny, keep calm, and yay image
Amanda Webster
Amanda Webster
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~ Amanda