So I wrote this article about the best songs ever and they were quite sad so I decided to make a list of some songs that make me happy and that aren't that depressive.

Music is the best solution to any problem.

SUPERSOAKER by Kings Of Leon

Everytime I hear this song I just want to leave anything and start dancing around the room while screaming the lyrics. Just with the first guitar cords I inmediately start tapping with my feet and then starts Caleb's voice and aaaaah is just perfect! Plus the video had such a cool classic aesthetic that matches the music perfectly.

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
I also love "Be somebody" by the way.


Again a rock song, I guess they just make me happy. Again this song makes me wanna dance all around. Plus it gives me so many memories idk, and remembers me so much of summer.

alcohol boyfriend boots couple


When this song starts with the drums and electric guitar you just wanna dance all around same as when the chorus arrives.Plus the video makes you want to go to one of their concerts so bad beacuse they show this amazing cool vibe. (lol I put the song to write this part and it took me 10 min because i could'nt help but dance).

alternative bed bed boy


This is not a song I have on my playlist or I usually listen to purposely but whenever it comes on in the radio a smile comes to my face and I need to start singing the lyrics because they just make you feel so great.

1960s 50s Superthumb 50s
I would lie if I said I don't feel the need to dance to it.

PAYPHONE by Maroon 5

I freaking love this band and I think their songs are amazing (surprisingly their most known songs are the ones I like the less) and they have such a cool vibe too and perfect songs for summer hits. And this song was of the first songs I heard from them and still one of my favs.

adventure maroon 5 boy Superthumb

I hope you liked this article and I'll probably do more happy songs soon so keep an eye on this blog!