Hi dear hearter,

Here is another tag / challenge. So basicly is similar to the "get to know me" challenge, except that you use the letters of your name. It can be pretty funny, so if you want try it, do it :)

creator of the challenge

ღ M A R I O N ღ

✍ songs

⋆ Marguerite - Saez
⋆ A l'heure où je me couche - Casseurs Flowters
⋆ River - Eminem and Ed Sheeran
⋆ I don't wanna stop - Ozzy Osbourne
⋆ On verra - Nekfeu
⋆ New york city cops - The strokes

music, volume, and headphones image music, vintage, and indie image

✍ tv shows, books and movies

⋆ Misfits
⋆ American gods
⋆ Remember me
⋆ Inglorious bastard
⋆ Outlander
⋆ Nos 18 ans

skin, pandora, and Useless image misfits and funny image

✍ characteristics

⋆ Melancholy
⋆ Argumentative
⋆ Realistic
⋆ Independent
⋆ Open-minded
⋆ Nonconfident

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✍ celebrities or characters

⋆ Minerva McGuinness "Mini" (skins uk)
⋆ Allison Reynolds (breakfastclub)
⋆ Rag'n'bone man (singer)
⋆ Ina-ich (band)
⋆ Oz Mayfair-Richards (american horror story)
⋆ Noora Amalie Sætre (skam)

Image removed love, skins, and quotes image

✍ colors

⋆ Magic mint
⋆ Amber
⋆ Red
⋆ Indigo
⋆ Orange
⋆ Navy blue

girl, tattoo, and red image red, sensitive, and heart image

✍ random

⋆ Moment ('cause nothing last for ever and it's all about moment))
⋆ Antisocial (Mh yeah definitly me)
⋆ Radiance (what i see when i look people, whatever is a good or a bad one)
⋆ Introspection (or overthinking, choose your side)
⋆ Oh well, whatever, nevermind (my state of mind most of the time)
⋆ Neon (for some reasons, i realy like it)

grunge, fashion, and hipster image honey, pink, and neon image

That's it, thanks for reading :)

A plus !