You just left, sudden and quiet, like the tear down my cheek.
Leaving me angry and full of fears
Leaving me questions floating in my dreams

We were okay by the summer breeze, and as the leaves started to fall also our relationship did.
You turned cold as the upcoming weather, and the autumn wind stole your words for me
Suddenly the drought killed your interest and feelings to me.

And you started to fade away. I asked you why
And your answer was You're not a good friend.
You disappeared and that was the tragic end.

You broke me
And I let you
I knew you wouldn't ever love me
And I decided to keep you
Lying to myself, being a friend when I wanted to be a lover
Always worrying about you
When you couldn't even text me first

I stayed
You left
I cared
You don't
I gave my best
You gave me nothing

And all those nights I spend blaming myself
Are gone
As the shadows left when I started to shine again
Now I see that you're empty
And that you're way less than I deserve
I'm the sun and you're a cloud
You were blocking my light
But now I shine
And you won't