Chapter 1

"Mom! Dad! Gemma texted me. They're almost here" I shouted excitedly, running down the stairs.

Tomorrow is Christmas and as usual Styles are coming to our winter house for the holidays. This year the winter seems to be too cold. The flights were delayed because of the storms and the roads closed, and that was scaring me, because Styles could not be able to visit us but Gemma's text calmed me down.

I peeked in the kitchen where my parents were making cookies and hot chocolates. Our Christmas tree is huge this year, but we haven't decorated it yet. Not without Harry and Gemma.

Hearing the car engine I stormed out of the house to greet them. My mom shouted after me, telling me to put on something because I only had red leggings and white pullover on but I didn't care. I just wanted to see my best friends. Cause it's been forever.

"Sky!" Harry was the first one who got out of the car and ran into my direction. Suddenly I was lifted in the air as a pair of arms wrapped around my body. Laughing I buried my face into Harry's neck but his brown curls were tickling so much that I had to pull away. And sneeze haha.

When my feet finally touched the ground I took a better look at him.

Harry has grown up since the last time I saw him. His hair was longer and God he had so many tattoos, which were perfectly seen under his white shirt. Then I just pinched him.

"Ow" he rubbed his arm "What was that for?" His lip was jutted out, formed into a cute pout.

"That's for not answering my calls, texts and even mails" I said "What kind of a best friend are you?"

That's truth. Being in the band had completely changed his life. It's not only the fact that he's hardly home, add communicating and talking to the fans to that list. For the past ten months he became so famous that it became impossible to meet him in the public place.

He opened his mouth to say something but Gemma's scream interrupted us.

"Skylar!" She squeaked jumping on me and wrapping her legs around my waist. I chuckled at her behavior and tried my best to not to drop her. Luckily Harry ripped her off me. "I have so much to tell you. Do you remember Michal? We're together and he's amazing" she blabbered

"He's disgusting. I hate him" Harry stated, mumbling for himself but Gemma didn't even pay attention to it. She continued talking until it became too cold outside.

"We're going to the mall kids. Behave and don't freeze" Anne said as she pulled me into a hug. "It's nice to see you again Sky"

"You too Anne" I flashed her a smile and they left.

"Let's get in the house. It's getting cold" Harry offered as he placed his hand on the small of my back and pushed me slightly. His gesture made me blush but then I thought that it could be because of the cold weather. Yeah sure, and here comes me acting stupid.

"You can unpack your bags and I will make some hot chocolate" I suggested and they nodded. On the way upstairs Gemma pushed Harry earning a loud growl from him. Chuckling I went to the kitchen.

There were some fresh baked cookies on the plate so I grabbed them and also made three cups of hot chocolate. Grabbing a tray and three plates I went upstairs.

As I peeked in Gemma's room she was talking to some guy on Skype
As I peeked in Gemma's room she was talking to some guy on Skype. That must be her new boyfriend. Honestly, I'm happy that she found someone because Harry can be too protective over her, and not only her. I remember how he would scare away every guy and somehow that was getting on my nerves. Narrowing his emerald green eyes was enough to make them run away and never come back. Harry and I got in a lot of arguments because of that but I never really got a proper answer. He would shout at me and then just storm away without any other words.

Oh well

After leaving Gemma's room and went to Harry. He's changed into another outfit which consisted of red oversized sweater and black jeans. As he noticed me he folded the last pair of his black boxers and helped me with a tray.

"So, did you bring me the souvenir from Brazil like you promised?" I ask, sipping from my mug and dropping myself on his bed. It has always been my dream to see Rio even once in my life, so when Harry told me that 1D was going to Brazil in August I got excited. I made him send me all of the pictures they took and made Harry promise me to bring me something from there.

At the mention of Brazil his body froze. "Uh..." he began ruffling his hair, which meant that he was guilty. "I forgot" Harry's face was red, as he looked down at his legs. I wanted to laugh but decided to tease him a little bit.

"How could you Harry" I tried to act offend "You know how much it means to me and you just forgot about me." I said and stormed off the room, biting down my lips so I wouldn't burst into laughter.

Yeah, it hurt knowing that he forgot about me but he has so many responsibilities and with One Direction and his fans, it's not surprising that he could've forgotten about me.

I've heard Harry's heavy steps coming after me. Suddenly I was in the air.

"Harry!" I shrieked, clinging on his arms.

"Miss Sky, should I remind you that you are a horrible actress?" He put me down on the ground, but his hands remained on my waist. I could see the corners of his lips turned into an evil smirk and it was annoying me.

"I hate you and I hope you know that" I bit my lower lip

Harry chuckled "I love you too" and kissed my nose. "Now, it's time to decorate Christmas tree" he announced

"The boxes with decorations are in the living room. All we need now is Gemma" I said

"Gemma, get your lazy ass here! Now!" Harry shouted before helping me to unpack the boxes. In a couple of minutes Gemma stomped down the stairs and joined us. She didn't forget to smack Harry's head for interrupting her conversation with Michal.

The Christmas tree was huge and it was kind of hard to decorate the upper part of it. As I struggled to put a big red ball on the branch, my feet left the ground and I was lifted up in the air. Somehow Harry managed to put me on his neck.

"Harry" I screamed clinging on the branch.

"Sorry, love." Chuckling he moved making me scream once again.

"Put me down!" I told him but of course he didn't obey. Then I looked at Gemma for help but she was smiling like an idiot. I puffed and folded my hands over my chest.

"Here" Gemma gave me another red ball. At first I ignored her, but then gave up and still sitting on Harry's neck decorated the upper part of the tree.

"What about a star?" I asked.

Finally Harry lowered himself on the ground and in a swift motion placed me on the ground.

"It's broken" Gemma said. That star held a lot of memory. Harry, Gemma and I used to put it on the top of the tree every Christmas. It's a shame that we need to throw it away.

"Guys it's getting late" It was already dark outside. Our parents were supposed to arrive in a few hours.

"I need to take a shower" Gemma announced and walked upstairs, leaving Harry and I alone.

"Wanna watch some movies?" Harry suggested, plopping down on the couch and turning on the television. I decided to join him but first we both changed into our comfy pajamas.

I sat comfortably on the couch, in front of a fireplace.

Harry wrapped his arm around me and I cuddled into his side, relaxing under his touch

Harry wrapped his arm around me and I cuddled into his side, relaxing under his touch. It felt so nice, being with him again, being able to talk, to hug, to hang out with Harry without his manager ordering around. It felt nice knowing that he is not just Harry Styles from a famous boy band, but he's my childhood best friend, who'll always be by my side when I need him.

It's been hard for us to get used to the changes. Him being famous destroyed everything. One Direction took Harry away from me and I hate it for this. I want to be selfish and have him all by myself but I can't. I can't keep him away from so many people, who love and admire him. I'm not the only person who need Harry and this is making me sad. He's popular, known on the whole planet. I can't go out with my best friend without getting attacked by fans or paparazzi. Even though I get insulted all the time by Harry's fans they seem nice in general but I just hate those photographers. They dig into people's private lives and do their best to destroy them. Those heartless pigs did everything to ruin my friendship with Harry but we managed to get through all of this and now look how far we've come. He's spending Christmas with me and I couldn't be happier.

"Sky?" Harry's deep voice shook me out of my thoughts.

"Hmmm" I snuggled into his chest as Harry wrapped his arms tighter around me.

"What are you thinking of?"

"About us and how far we've come" I answer, looking up and meeting his eyes.

Harry stayed silent for a moment, his green eyes staring into mine as if he was trying to figure something out. "I need to tell you something" he gulped and I felt how his heartbeat quickened. "I l-" he was interrupted by doorbell.

Harry jumped from the couch and hurried to open the door. If I didn't know him I would tell that he was nervous but why would he be? That's Harry Styles we're talking about. He's always confident about himself.

"I think I'll just go to bed" I announced and went upstairs.