I don´t know about you - but speaking for myself I know I feel much more calm and productive when my home is tidy. Tidy home, tidy mind, right?
Whenever I feel stressed out, worried, upset or just have a bad day - I experience that to clean my room/house, to re-arrange furnitures and interior etc. - really helps me to work things out. It kind of makes my mind feel cleansed and fresh again, which makes it easier to look at things in a different way in my everyday life too. Win, win for me!

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So, how do you start? How do you motivate yourself to even bother to start cleaning your house? I actually really enjoy cleaning, but of course, I also have the days where everything is a mess around me and I can´t be bothered with it- I´d rather lay on my couch and watch Netflix all day.. Some balance is important! ;-)

What really works for me is to do it in the morning whenever I have a day-off, usually a Sunday morning. I wake up, clean my face, put on some music and walk around in my PJ´s with my first coffee cup of the day. Great music, PJ´s and a coffee kind of makes everything much better, right?

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The first thing to do is to organize all of the clutter all around the house. Put all of the dirty clothes lying around in the washing machine, and all of the dishes, glasses etc. in the dish-washer. Check- check!

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When all of the excess clutter is put away, it´s time to start the real work. The easiest thing here is to start room by room. Depending on how tidy your home already is, it´s most effective to start where it is messiest. For me, this usually is in my wardrobe. No matter how often I tidy it up, it somehow just gets crazy messy in just a few days..
I start with taking all of my clothes out of my wardrobe and sort them in different categories; thin sweaters, big sweaters, t-shirts, skirts, jeans etc etc.. Sometimes I even sort them after colour - this makes it look so nice, and it is much easier to find the items you are looking for when you are getting dressed!
I also try to think about what items I actually use, and what is always left behind. If I haven´t used it the last 3 months- I most likely am not going to use it for the next 3 ones either. These clothes I pack away and give to charity.
In the same room (for me, my bedroom) I change the sheets on my bed, open the window to get some fresh air in, dust and vacuum the room and wash it all over. I also like to light some good smelling candles while doing all of this, it just makes everything so cozy.

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Clean out the dishwasher when it´s done, and put stuff where it is supposed to be.
If your closets or shelves in the kitchen is messy, take everything out and start from scratch. The things you use often is smart to have easy approachable, the rest you can leave to the top shelves or behind the things you use. Also here it is great to work with categories, glasses, coffee mugs, plates, knifes, kitchen accessories and so on - if each one gets its own place, you can save a lot of time by not having to look through everything to find what you need while cooking.
Clean the surfaces of the kitchen. Clean and declutter your refrigerator, this is soo important to do often. If you sort your items in your fridge, toss away old stuff and keep it fresh and clean, you will actually end up saving a lot of money by always seeing and knowing what you already have, and thereby buying much less! Also- in the end you will be tossing away less food, which is good for the environment!
Also, while being in the kitchen - every once or twice a month at least, rinse your coffee machine and other kinds of machines you use a lot!

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I don´t know why, but I always start out with washing the mirrors in my bathroom. This makes the whole room look so much better already!
After this, wash all other surfaces in the room, take the dust away!
Then go ahead and cleanse your shower - I can´t stand the thought of showering in a dirty shower! Spray on some good washing spray, let it stain for some minutes, scrub and wash it off. After this, wash the toilet area, and set some extra toilet rolls nearby. Also refill handsoap and toss away empty cans, and if you have the time: wash your make-up brushes, sort your make-up, toss away old stuff and try to keep it in a system.
In my bathroom I also have my washing machine and dryer, so here I would also hang clothes for drying and put some in the dryer.

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Living room:
Refill old candles, puff the pillows on your couch, fold the blankets.. If you want to, put some fresh flowers on your table, it´s amazing how much a bouqet of flowers can do to your mood! Clean all surfaces, water the plants (if you have some) - just make it really cozy and nice.

In the end I vacuum the livingroom, the kitchen and the bathroom too, and wash all of the floors.

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Finitó! - time for some serious chilling, cuddling up on your couch with some snacks and TV <3