Hello to everybody out there! :)

I read a philosophical book and one chapter is about the question "Is it possible to learn being happy?". As many of you can already guess you can't really learn it, but there are things you can do that help you being happy. I thought about them for some time and I agree with it. That's why I want to present them to you:

1. Activity

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Humans need something to do. A day off after a stressed week is good, but then you have to get back doing something. If you stay on pause for too long, you will be depressed. I'm talking about two types of activities here. Of course you need physical activity like sports and work, but you also have to do something for you brain. So keep on learning something new, too.

2. Be social

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You won't get happy alone. Everybody needs somebody he can talk to or who hugs you, when you have had a rough day. You need to feel comfortable and safe somewhere. Also it's good to share experiences with others. You connect with them and together it's a lot more fun than doing it alone.

3. Concentration

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If you want to be happy, you should try to concentrate more on your senses. Like for example the smell of your food or the beauty of the flowers outside. Also try to life in the present. Of course you have to plan certain things for the future like money for college, but life isn't about planing all the time.

4. Realistic Expectations

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I guess the title is pretty clear. When you set your expectations be realistic. If you always expect the worse, you'll be feeling indifferent and listless. If you expect to much, you'll be really stressed and can't enjoy what you're doing. So just try to find a middle course.

5. Good thoughts

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That doesn't mean: Pretend like everything is always fine!
It's about trying to focus more on the positive side of your life. A helpful item can be a diary where you write down things you're grateful for or happy about.

6. Stay calm

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There will happen bad stuff in your life and you have to fight to make it right, but the important thing is to stay calm and make the best out of it. You don't know why it happens and maybe it's all for a reasons. You should try to struggle too long with these things. It doesn't change the situation and it costs you a lot of energy.

You all deserve a happy life and hopefully this brings you one step closer!