Are you ready for the fifth part of my story? I hope you still enjoy it.
I you missed the beginning:

Paris, France - Disneyland

When I woke up this morning, I woke up with a smile. The last evening was amazing. The food was delicious, we laughed a lot and when we walked back, Flynn lent me his jacket. I was so happy and I couldn't wait for the next day.

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Today I would visit Disneyland! I really couldn't believe it! I heared Piper snoring next to me. I looked at my phone. "Oh no, Piper! Wake up! We are half an hour late to meet with the boys!" "Hmmm......What?!", Piper jumped out of bed and ran into the bathing room. "Come on, hurry up!", she shouted. I had to laugh and started to search for the perfect outfit.

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Perfect! I put my make-up on and did my hair. When Piper and me had finished our morning routine, we ran downstairs, where the boys were waiting for us, again... "Hey girls! For this view, it was worth waiting 20 minutes for", said Scott. I hugged the three boys and Flynn put his arm around my shoulder. I didn't have anything against it and I could feel the butterflies started flying around in my stomache again. We both smiled and I could feel how Flynn was watching me from the side. Like this, we walked towards the entrance of the breakfast room. I just had some Mickey Mouse waffles and some apple juice, before we wanted to start the perfect day in Disneyland and of course completing our picture-challenge.

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When we walked threw the entrance of Disneyland Paris, my childish heart blossomed out. I didn't know, where to look first. That was the moment when I saw our first picture victim. "Look! There is Peter Pan!", I screamed happily. All of us five ran into his dirrection and before our victim could run away, we took a group selfie. "First one done!", said Benyamin giggling. "Then we still need 29 ones more", answered Piper quietly. I didn't understand. When I was alone with Piper she always seemed so confident, but when she had to talk to boys, she always turned into a small mouse. But before I could keep thinking about Piper, Flynn took my hand and said: "Okay guys, who is ready to go ride on these roller-coaster." "I am totally in!", I answered and all the others nodded in agreement. The following two hours we spent exploring the whole park and we took nearly all the pictures.

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That was the moment when my stomache started growling and Piper started laughing. "You seem to be as hungry as me." "Yes I am starving", I rolled my eyes and added: "Guys, can we grab something to eat? Pleaaase!" "I thought I am the only one", said Benyamin. So, we all decided to go to eat. When we found the perfect place to grab some food, we all sat down and started eating.

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It was very yummy and when we had finished, I decided to throw away the trash and Scott helped me. When we were standing at the garbage can, Scott cleared his throat. "What is going on between you and Flynn?" I wasn't sure what to answer: "Why... do you want to know that?" "Do you remember what I told you, when we were in the plane? I meant it like this. I want to have a chance to get to know you. Just think about it." And with these words he leaned forward, kissed my cheek and walked away. I couldn't believe, what just happened.
I have never been in a situation like this before. I mean in the 17 years of my life, I have never got kissed by a boy and now, there were two boys who got interested in me? How should I handle this?
When I walked back, I didn't say a word and was still sunk in my thoughts.
"Is everything okay?", asked Flynn. Wow, he really recognized, that my mood has changed and the butterflies appeared again. "Yes, sure. Let's go and take the last shots!"
And with these words, I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me. We spent the next hours finding our last victims, but my thoughts deviated from our mission from time to time. But finally we had all the pictures we needed.

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That was the moment, when Flynn took me aside. "Holly, tell me what happened. Since you talked to Scott something is wrong with you... Come with me, then you can tell me everything." We walked away from the others and sat down on a bench. When I have told Flynn, what happend, I could see the anger in his eyes. But when he felt that I was insecure, he took my face in both of his hands. "Hey, thanks for telling me everything. Holly, I like you a lot and also if I don't know you for this long, I want you to be happy." There was a moment of silence.
He looked deep into my eyes and that was the moment when he leaned forward. His face was so close to mine and I could feel his warm breath on my skin. It reminded me of the photobooth. But this time the travel guide didn't interrupt us and our lips touched. I couldn't do anything against it but I sighed in relief and put my hands around his neck. He strenghtend the pressure of his lips against mine. It was an incredible feeling and I didn't want to stop, so I was pretty disappointed when our lips separated. My first kiss!

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Flynn smiled at me and I smiled back. Also when we walked back to the others, I couldn't stop smiling. That was the moment when the firework started and the faces of my new friends got lighted up by the exploding flashes of light.


I hope you enjoyed Holly's first kiss. XOXO -Jamie