You spilled coffee on someone and made them miss their flight. You’re now sitting beside one another on an eleven hour flight.

"Your attention please. All passengers for flight AA 5019, destination New Orleans. Immediate boarding at gate number 7."
I never felt so embarrassed in my whole life. Not only because it was the first time I had slept through my alarm and I didn't arrive to the airport two hours before my flight, and not only because I had spilled almost my entire coffee on a random guy on my way to get a taxi. I felt so embarrassed because besides this two things, I was running like a maniac through the airport gates trying to find gate number 7. Let me tell you, I do not like running in public.
However, when I finally got on the plane, I only felt relief. With a happy smile, I walked through the aisle looking for my seat. When I found it, I saw there was a man sitting next to it, and as my seat was a window one, I asked
"I'm sorry, but would you mind" I stopped abruptly when the man turned to face me and I recognised him from that morning. He was dressed in a v-neck dark blue t-shirt and not a white shirt but it was still him.
"It's you" He said with a serious glare.
"Oh my god, I can't believe it. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to spill my coffee on you!" The embarrassment came back.
"I know, so you said this morning. Do you have this seat?" He asked pointing to the one next to him.
"Yes" I answered looking extremely apologetic.
"Great" He said ironically, while standing up to let me take a sit.
The plane took off and we were both still silent, making the situation extremely awkward. I couldn't believe my -bad- luck, the day was just getting worse with each ticking minute.
My optimism clicked in and I decided it was up to me to make the day better. After all, I was going to New Orleans all by myself. I was going to live a new and exciting adventure, and I was not going to let that awful morning make me unhappy.
"Hey, seriously, I'm extremely sorry for today. I slept through my alarm for the first time, actually, and I was going to miss my flight and I was so hurried. I didn't mean to, and if you want me to pay for your shirt I absolutely will" I had to start with something to improve my day, and one of the unfortunate events of that morning was sitting right next to me.
"Don't worry about it" He answered, like wanting to get rid of me, but I wasn't going to go away so easily.
"Look, we have eleven hours ahead of us, so why don't we enjoy them?" I asked cheerfully. For the first time, the stranger smiled. However, it wasn't a happy smile, it was kind of a sex smile. And I finally got how what I'd just said sounded. "Oh my god, not that type of enjoyment! I meant talking, getting to know each other. For instance, my name is Laura"
"Too bad, it's the best type of enjoyment, Laura" My name coming out of his lips sounded... weird.
"What's your name?"
"Well, nice to meet you Simon"
We kept on talking, mostly because I asked the questions, and I learnt that Simon was a 27-year-old journalist who lived in New Orleans. He liked reading novels and attending music concerts. Eventually, while I was telling him about the dream coming true that it was visiting the place where jazz was created, he loosened up.
"So you're telling me this is the first time you visit USA and you come to New Orleans?" He asked with disbelief in his tone, maybe a little impressed.
"Well, then you need to have the complete american experience" He asked smiling. The type of smile he first gave me.
"And how does that go?"
"Well, I like to think that going to the plane bathroom with the hot guy sitting next to you is a nice start" The smile was still there, implying all sort of things.
"You think you are hot?" I asked with a snort. He was, extremely, but that was not the point. The point was not answering to the other thing he mentioned. The one about us in a little room alone.
"That's not the point darling" Damn it.
"I don't know what you are talking about" I said after a couple of eternal seconds.
"Ok, so you know what I'm going to do? I'm gonna go into the bathroom, and accidentaly leave the door unlocked. If someone in this plane wants to have the best type of enjoyment, then they will come join me" He left and I was in shock. What? He expected me to just throw myself to a stranger guy I'd just met five hours ago? (If we were not counting our first encounter that morning). I was not the type of girl, of person that just... has sex in a plane bathroom with a total stranger.
But as a couple of minutes passed, the idea of him and I in a bathroom was... hot. Before I could talk me against it, I stood up and walked to the toilet door. When I was about to open it, it almost hit me, revealing a very tall and appealing Simon.
"I actually thought you weren't going to come" He said surprised. I just looked uncomfortable, but either way, I wanted this. That's why I pushed him inside the little room again and this time, he locked the door.

You want to know what happened? I had sex with a 27-year-old journalist from New Orleans called Simon. We went back to our seats, talked for the next five hours and forty minutes and before standing up to get off the plane, he said
"Alright Laura, it was a very amazing experience travelling next to you. Now, if my boss doesn't fire me because I missed the afternoon meeting, because I missed my original flight, because I had to get off my coffee spilled shirt and change clothes, I work at The Times-Picayune. So, you know how to contact me in case you need to... have the complete american experience again" And with a wink, he left me sitting there, in shock, again.

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