Hello, Lovelies! Today's article is going to be my Sunday routine, it sounds weird but every Sunday I do these things to make the following week go more smoothly and I'm feeling more prepared for it.

First things first, when I wake up I get myself motivated by listening to music and splashing my face with ice cold water, no joke the water is freezing!


- I clean my room, the living room and the kitchen. I always clean my room but the living room I do when I feel extra motivated.
- When you start cleaning, don't take breaks because when you take a break you end up losing interest in cleaning
- Start easy
- If you are able to do a task within 2 minutes then do it as quick as possible, time yourself so you are racing the clock and it makes you do the things faster

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- Put in a hair mask while cleaning.
- brush it out and let the conditioner soak in.
- When out of the shower, squeeze the excess water and then I would let it air dry while jotting down things in my planner but do whatever you usually do with it.
- When dry, and after you have cleaned, try some different hairstyles.

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- Apply a face mask.
- Apply some treatment cream.
- Wash your face using your favourite skin product.

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- Apply a lip scrub.
- Use a new toothbrush or one you don't use for your teeth and scrub in circular motions to get rid of the dead layer.
- Put on a thick layer of lip balm.

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- Use a bath bomb.
- Exfoliate your body.
- Lather on a hydrating body butter.

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- Trim your nails if necessary.
- Apply some cuticle oil/cream.
- Cream your hand thoroughly.
- Use makeup remover to remove any leftover nail polish or any dirt.
- Put on your favourite nail polish and let it dry.

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- Plan for the week coming.
- Meal prep.
- Find a podcast/speech you can listen to on Monday.

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- Watch your favourite TV show or movie again.
- Play your favourite music.
- Have a dance party.
- Read a book.

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That's it for this article, I hope it helped. I'm sorry again for a short article but feel free to message about any requests or questions, I really won't mind.

I've started to write a book on Wattpad called Retrieving Rose, which I had started to do as it calms my mind. Please do check it out when you have time and give any feedback, my username is @DazedAura. Also, I literally created a Twitter account to see what it's about so feel free to follow me there too, it's also @DazedAura.

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