-> thought I'd give this a whirl <-

1. A song I like with a color in the title

black beauty - lana del rey

Image by getitifyoucan Image by amischler

2. A song I like with a number in the title

400 lux - lorde

rose, bath, and flowers image ️lorde image

3. A song that reminds me of summertime

young dumb & broke - khalid

khalid image pink, plants, and aesthetic image

4. A song that reminds me of someone I'd rather forget

sky walker - miguel ft. travis scott

girl, Devil, and aesthetic image couple and love image

5. A song that needs to be played loud

mr. brightside - the killers

brandon flowers and the killers image music, vintage, and 90s image

6. A song that makes me want to dance

you da one - rhianna

rose image fashion, Kendall, and Rhianna image

7. A song to drive to

girls - the 1975

the 1975, band, and matty healy image Image by Diana'l Dubel

8. A song about drugs or alcohol

sativa - jhene aiko ft. rae sremmurd

red, Devil, and aesthetic image fashion, jhene aiko, and aesthetic image

9. A song that makes me happy

tongue tied - grouplove

band, indie, and rock image colors and tumblr image

10. A song that makes me sad

medicine - daughter

drugs and pills image orange, aesthetic, and flowers image

11. A song I never get tired of

all my friends - snakehips ft. chance the rapper & tinashe

car, party, and friends image rain, aesthetic, and lights image

12. A song from my preteen years

eenie meenie - justin bieber ft. sean kingston

jb hair beautiful image light, neon, and peace image

13. a song I like from the 70s

rhiannon - fleetwood mac

city, hollywood, and california image 70's, fleetwood mac, and music image

14. A song I want played at my wedding

kiss me - ed sheeran

wedding, dress, and bride image smile, boy, and dimples image

15. A song I like that's a cover by another artist

girl crush - harry styles

Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image b&w, pale, and black and white image

16. A song that's a classic favorite

I wanna dance with somebody - whitney houston

lesbian, kiss, and red image whitney houston and love image

17. A duet I'd sing with someone on karaoke

you're the one that I want - olivia newton john & john travolta

grease, couple, and movie image drink, red, and summer image

18. A song from the year I was born

drops of jupiter - train

astronomy, night, and sky image girl, smoke, and grunge image

19. A song that makes me think about life

chasing cars - snow patrol

blue image alternative, travel, and nature image

20. A song that has many meanings to me

forrest gump - frank ocean

light, neon, and rose image frank ocean and swim good image

21. A song I like with a person's name in the title

hey there delilah - plain white t's

city, travel, and building image architecture, art, and white image

22. A song that moves me forward

praying - kesha

kesha, singer, and kesha rose sebert image pure, veracruz, and orizaba image

23. A song I think everyone should listen to

paris - the 1975

paris, light, and france image hair, girl, and blonde image

24. A song by a band I wish were still together

I wish - one direction

one direction, niall horan, and zayn malik image heart, light, and neon image

25. A song I like by an artist that's no longer living

be my baby - the ronettes

summer, sky, and palms image b&w photo and the ronettes image

26. A song that makes me want to fall in love

can't take my eyes off you - frankie valli

1960s, 60s, and music image shoes, pink, and heels image

27. A song that breaks my heart

supermarket flowers - ed sheeran

flowers, aesthetic, and vintage image sea, waves, and ocean image

28. A song by an artist whose voice I love

brooklyn baby - lana del rey

розы and темное image lana del rey, indie, and singer image

29. A song I remember from my childhood

1985 - bowling for soup

vintage, retro, and aesthetic image flowers, yellow, and rose image

30. A song that reminds me of myself

the louvre - lorde

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