My brother Levi Bauer was born with Myotubular Myopathy, a genetic muscle disease, and wasn't supposed to live past 1 year. Here he is, 23 years later, singing/lipsynching to Rachel Platten's "Fight Song". He has literally had to fight for his life, fight to breathe and to get stronger and live his life every day. He is such an inspiration because not only does he never give up, he lives each day with a smile on his face and seeks to help others every day. He enjoys bringing happiness to everyone every day!

Against all odds, he went on to college. Our mom never gives up either, and when she realized how smart he and his older brother, Alex (who has the same condition) were, she encouraged them to go to college. When the two graduated from high school and were going to college, people said to my mom, "I bet you can hardly believe this is happening!" She replied, "No, I started talking to my sons about college when they were in 1st grade. It was always expected. This was the plan. When I set my mind to something, it's going to happen!" My mom always treated my brothers as normally as possible and tried to help them have as normal of a life as possible. Even though they couldn't play baseball in a traditional sense, she got them a plastic ball and bat and taught them how to play baseball. They loved it! Mom always figured out a way to adapt activities and life so that Alex and Levi could participate. They grew up knowing they could do whatever they set their mind to because that is what she taught them every day. She told them not to worry about what they couldn't do, to work at things that were hard to do, and to make the most of what they could do.

As you can see here, Levi has passion and is quite the inspiration. He is graduating from a 4 year college with a degree in HR and athletic coaching with a dream to coach the Vikings.

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