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Although I am from Los Angeles, I speak four languages, one of them being Armenian. My entire family is from Armenia and I’m a first generation American-Armenian in my family.

I love my first language and do think it is one of the prettiest in the world, but then again I am biased.

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What makes the Armenian language unique?
The language has its own independent branch in the proto Indo European language tree meaning it is not derived from other languages, and no languages are derived from it. It also has sounds that other languages dont have, and it has specifically unique sounds called ejective sounds which are not found in any other language.

pr. nazeli
def. graceful, airy
Probably one of my favorite words from the language.

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pr. hianali
def. wonderful, breathlessly beautiful
The way this word sounds is just so pleasing to my ear.

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pr. mtatselakerp
def. mindset, mentality

Although this one is easily translated, I love the way it is pronounced

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pr. ankhusap
def. inevitable

this word is a negative version inevitable and usually deals with death, but the placing of the letters makes it so beautiful to say.

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pr. anaratutiun
Def. innocence, purity

When using this word, you would use it to describe a new born child. Someone who hasn’t seen any of the world and is in its most pure form.

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pr. knkush
def. feminine, delicate

There is no definitive translation to this word, it is kind of a mix of delicate and cuddly.

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pr. hamest
def. modest, humble

This isnt necessarily money related, but being humble in general.

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pr. hazaragandz
def. precious, priceless

Possibly one of the most beuaitful words in this language. It is the epitome of pricelessness and if literally translated, it means a something being as prized as a thousand treasures.

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