I've been writing articles about fashion for a little while now and I decided to do something different today. Today I'll share with you some things about myself. Of course I didn't create this challenge, so credits to whoever did.


fashion, outfit, and style image yellow, jeans, and tumblr image fashion, outfit, and style image grunge, rose, and aesthetic image


rainbow, colors, and hand image yellow, bike, and aesthetic image flowers, girl, and nature image beautiful, eye, and girl image


food, pizza, and delicious image food, bacon, and eggs image chocolate, food, and cake image chocolate, food, and ice cream image


book, harry potter, and coffee image autumn, cozy, and orange image bibliophile, book worm, and books image quotes and sylvia plath image


friends, rachel, and chandler image stark, winter, and got image bedroom, candle, and chill image sherlock, bbc, and sherlock holmes image


panic! at the disco, brendon urie, and P!ATD image the 1975, music, and grunge image rock, rock and roll, and baby image arctic monkeys and music image


piano, music, and hands image clothes, fashion, and korean image article, food, and laptop image Image removed girl, cigarette, and nails image beautiful, cosmetics, and makeup image


Image removed quotes, sarcasm, and art image
bitch, fuck, and getlost image
quotes, grunge, and aesthetic image light, red, and sinners image


book, before i die, and write image girl, summer, and bikini image constelaciones, space, and universe image private tutor, physics tutor, and online physics tutor image

So, this is me... Feel free to message me if we have things in comon (and if we don't, it's okay, you can still message me).
Don't forget to be awesome!