Children now go to school wary and scared for their lives. Children attend school to learn and to grow and to be ready to be successful in the world. Schools are supposed to be a safe environment for students, teachers, and other staff. Gun control is important and it needs to happen now.
The U.S. has had 18 school shootings in barely a month and a half while other countries haven’t had one in decades. Many countries have had shootings similar to ours and their government took control of their guns, and since then, they haven’t had a single shooting.
The U.S. needs to take action. Currently, more shootings are inevitable. The media, Congress, and government can blame mental illnesses all they want but they won’t try to fix any sort of health care for them.
These situations keep repeating themselves over and over again and no sort of action is happening to protect the lives of students.
Some might argue that they can simply equip teachers with guns.
That is the exact definition of fighting fire with fire. It just doesn’t work and in recent studies and simulations, the teachers sometimes shoot a fake-student rather than the fake-gun-holder. Having cross-fire would be too risky for the lives of the students.
Look at the evidence. Follow in the foot steps of other gun-free and massacre-free countries. Protect these children so they can learn in a safe place. Protest and take action since it seems that our government isn’t.