Hi guys! ⚡️ Today's article is about makeup and it's zodiac signs related.
Every sign has characteristics so I wanted to summarise them in makeup looks and tips for each sign 💫

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Aries' color is red, the color of passion and love.
Tones from burgundy to apple red are perfect for this fire sign, preferable in powder textures for creating the perfect flashy look.

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The most stubborn sign of the zodiac should wear green tones and pink ones, to bring out their beautiful skin.
Creamy products are made for them. They should make their lips shine with some good lip gloss.

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The person Gemini is very practical and loves concrete textures so they should prefer powdery eyeshadow and look for yellowish-green colors, natural base and nude lips.

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Cancer has very deep thoughts, he is bound to his family group, house and looks always for stability. His color is white, for spirituality and purity. Never going anywhere without face powder and white eyshadow, light-nude lipstick or lipgloss. That's you my dear Cancer!

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The sign of power must enhance his beauty with gold, yellow and orange shades to match their souls. Let's keep blush, lips and eyeshadow with powder formulas, with bright oranges and reds. For special occasions? gold, g o l d, GOLD, GoLd, g O O L d!

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So smart and friendly Virgos' colors hare grey, beige and pale-yellow.
Use creamy products for your eyes and face base, use that glittery highlighter and eyshadow to rock every event.

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Libras shades are pink and green pastels, keep everything pinky and shiny. Powdery eyeshadows and blushes are made for you, to make everything well-balanced inside and outside.

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Seriousness is their religion so they want to always look elegant and to do it they should chose rusty reds and burgundy makeup products, go for the creamy ones. Their signature is definetly the matte scarlet lips look.

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Such a joyful sign, the Sagittarius should go for blues on their face, and gold on their cheeks. Make everything look fancy with some well hydrated lips and light-blue eyeshadow or mascara to open up the look.

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Capricorn is so ambitious that always wants to look good to others, he wants to look professional and ready for success. Brown and black are your colors, use the classical black eyeliner look and some good nude creamy lipstick, and rule the world honey.

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The sign of freedom and of art, they must sparkle with glitter on their eylids, on their lips, on their nipples, inside their underwears.. just kidding! Light-blues, glitters and silvers are the shades to go for my wonderful Aquarius, lets keep everything glittery aprt from the moisturized lips to say what you want and kiss who you want.

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Pisces are very nice and realistic, everything that's creamy looks good on them and they should never go out without highlighter because they need light to blind the gloom. Use lilac, purple, pink and turquoise.

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