i saw this challenge and decided to do it myself!


Image by r a c h e l clothes, fashion, and girls image fashion, style, and outfit image girl, red, and style image ariana grande, blue high waisted jeans, and black off shoulder tops image fashion, outfit, and style image
my style is all over the place honestly, but one thing that never fails me is gold jewelry. rose gold and silver hardly ever come near me. my actual clothes have to either hug my body or be oversized. anything in between makes me feel like my outfit is off. high waisted pants/shorts are a must for me. aviator glasses aren't a necessity, but they sure do help me tie a fit together. i like a "less is more" look.
this goes more in depth if you're interested.


Image by AlenaBerus Image by littlefridd water, tattoo, and theme image art, aesthetic, and architecture image bathing suit, beautiful, and tattoo image beauty, nails, and lips image
i believe i am this warm, neutral golden brown. my favourite colour is yellow, but yellow doesn't describe me. i am warm, selfless, and i believe in some aspects i am visually pleasing to the human eye.


zeke, jaden smith, and ra-ra image grease, couple, and movie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It makeup, aesthetic, and pink image books image amazing, photograph, and art image
in order: dancing/music, acting [not very often atm], my hair, makeup, reading, art [specifically, photography].


dog, cute, and puppy image dog, animal, and cute image adidas, animals, and art image drotini twins and bella and mia image
dogs. mainly wolf [husky].


donuts, food, and yummy image peach, aesthetic, and fruit image Mature image aesthetic, baby girl, and food image starbucks, coffee, and drink image Image by sara_kriss
donuts are a must for me, peaches & grapes, tAcO bElL, coffee [my regular @ starbucks is a cinnamon roll frap], and... donuts.. yeah i have a bad diet.


mood and cardi b image aesthetic, face, and icon image mood, nicki minaj, and memes image funny, tumblr, and twitter image joy, red velvet, and kpop image Image by maddie
there just aren't enough mainstream memes in the world to describe me, ok?
here's all of my fav memes.


ariana grande, moonlight, and dangerous woman image lana del rey image tyler the creator and kali uchis image gif, wheein, and hwasa image Calvin Klein, girl, and body image cake, nice body, and shorts image outfit image edges image
two become a better singer [and to meet my favourite singers], to find friends that i can laugh with and be myself around, a flat stomach, a bigger butt, longer hair, and clearer skin.


book, flowers, and poetry image poetry, rupi kaur, and the sun and her flowers image
i'm not clout trash, i just find this book very interesting.

physical traits

Image removed aesthetic, amazing, and nails image beautiful, body goals, and stretch marks image thinspo thin skinny, gorgeous flawless, and luxury luxurious fancy image
curly, short hair, i opt for long acrylic nails, but i don't have any on right now bc i wanted to restore the strength of my actual nails, stretch marks on my butt and love handles, and thin eyebrows + brown eyes.


adventure, castle, and traveler image adventure, beautiful, and camera image girl and paris image food, neon, and new zealand image
puerto rico, chicago, paris, and wellington in new zealand.



selena, selena quintanilla, and 90s image kali uchis image abra and darkwavesdutchess image beauty, glasses, and picture image beauty, photography, and rapper image lana del rey, grunge, and lana image ariana grande, ariana, and ari image my upload and maliibu miitch image marina and the diamonds image beyoncé, beauty, and braids image
selena - el chico del apartamento 512 // kali uchis - melting // abra - vegas // iamddb - leaned out // princess nokia - brujas // lana del rey - cola // ariana grande - knew better I & II // maliibu miitch - the count // marina and the diamonds - froot // beyoncé - 1+1


bruno mars image tyler the creator image aesthetic, art, and singer image Mature image Image by Nick Troiano music, jinji, and kikko image rapper, lil skies, and music image rapper and scarlxrd image artists, carefree, and black king things image coffee, miguel, and sexy boy image
bruno mars - chunky // tyler, the creator - 911/mr.lonely // pink $ock - i wish i had her number // landon cube - 18 // prettymuch - open arms // sunset rollerocaster - my jinji // lil skies - welcome to the rodeo // scardlxrd - 6 feet // aminé - dakota // miguel - adorn


grey's anatomy, love, and meredith grey image henry ian cusick, bellamy blake, and marcus kane image jaden smith, the get down, and dizzie image bubbles, cartoon, and pink image threes company and jack janet and chrissy image sailor moon, anime, and moon image
grey's anatomy, the 100, the get down, the powerpuff girls, three's company, and sailor moon


avatar and neytiri image spirited away, anime, and chihiro image Ponyo, anime, and studio ghibli image gif, the borrower arrietty, and studio ghibli image couple, love, and alicia keys image Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson image
avatar [my actual fav], spirited away, ponyo, the secret world of arriety, the secret life of bees, and don jon.

girl crush

degrassi and amanda arcuri image amanda arcuri image amanda arcuri image amanda arcuri and degrassi image
amanda arcuri ☼

boy crush

keith powers image keith powers, men, and melanin image keith powers image ryan destiny, couple, and keith powers image
keith powers ☼ (but honestly, i'd marry ryan before him)