sometimes relationships can seem a little stale when you run out of things to do. here are thirty different options I’ve come up with (most are free!) that you can hopefully do where you live! these are also fun to do with friends if you’re not in a relationship or don’t want to be!


① go on a bike ride
② take a long walk
③ have picnic
④ go rock climbing

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⑤ go hiking up a large hill/mountain
⑥ have a photography trip (take photos of each other!)
⑦ movie marathon with blankets and warm drinks etc
⑧ play board games/card games

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⑨ go to museums/art exhibitions etc
⑩ cook dinner for each other
⑪ bake together
⑫ cook a fancy recipe together
⑬ make something creative (diys/painting/drawing etc)

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under £5

⑭ go swimming
⑮ pick out a book for each other at a second-hand book store
⑯ browse a record shop/vintage store
⑰ go to an arcade

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⑱ use a photo booth
⑲ find and watch a movie on vhs (if you have a vhs player still!)

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under £10

⑳ have a coffee shop date
㉑ go to an ice-cream parlour

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㉒ go to an arthouse cinema

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more expensive:

㉓ go bowling
㉔ have lunch/dinner at a nice restaurant
㉕ go out for breakfast
㉖ take a day trip (seaside/countryside/different city etc)

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㉗ have a shopping day
㉘ go to an opera/ballet or theatre production
㉙ go to a festival
㉚ go to a concert

girl, chanel, and shopping image ballet, dance, and ballerina image coachella, festival, and fun image party, music, and concert image
“i do not care what you want to do, i will do anything to spend time with you.”