Once in May
The first time I let myself fall.
The boy I knew who would break my heart for the very first time. The boy with the dark curled hair and ocean eyes.
The kind of eyes you can get lost in, and I guess I did.

Once in May
The first time your spring warm lips touched mine. Everything went stall as something there recalls as a millennium.
You tasted like summer days at the beach and strawberry cheesecake.

once in May
The first night we spend together I had been drinking a little too much of something you so sweet and seductive called mojito. My dress kept creeping up. One of my under eyes was completely black by outwardly cheap mascara. You held a Marlboro gold in front of me and showed with those lips I so deeply wanted to kiss how I should let my lungs get filled with the toxic smoke. I coughed you smiled.

Once in May
The first time we had sex, was everything else than I had imagined. No loud noises or quick movements. Just soft curves, sore movements, fast breathing and intense kisses. At that moment I was the violin and you were the striker.

Once in May
The first time I realise
that you were the hardest lesson I ever had to learn