Hello, I guess. Today I wanted to share a list of things that make me happy. In this world we easily tend to forget to be thankful for our lives, although there are enough reasons to find happiness in them. This is a reminder that our lives are way to short to not be happy.

1. sunrises and sunsets

sunset image clouds, evenings, and pink image coachella and sunset image california, sunsets, and malibu beach image
okay, I mean come on. They are just so incredibly beautiful

2. chocolate

chocolate, cake, and food image chocolate, food, and oreo image eat, food, and happy image chocolate, food, and pancakes image
yeah, let's be honest. Nothing could ever make me as happy! Actually I could look at these pictures for ages.

3. Beautifully decorated rooms

home, room, and bedroom image bedroom, home, and interior image home, interior, and design image bed, pink, and bedroom image
I wish my room would also look like this, I mean, just look at them, these rooms are beautiful!

4. skylines

city, sky, and wallpaper image city, pink, and travel image city, paris, and pink image city, sunset, and los angeles image
man, if this would be the view out of my window.

5. beaches and the ocean

beach, sea, and summer image friends, summer, and beach image beach, best friends, and Hot image summer, beach, and surf image
yeah, the ocean makes me incredibly happy too. The smell of the sea, mixed with the feeling of sand underneath my feet. wonderful.

6. cheesy pizza

Inspiring Image on We Heart It pizza, 🍕, and love pizza image pizza, food, and heart image pizza image
my love to pizza will definetly never, ever stop haha

7. beautiful white cities

Greece, travel, and santorini image architecture, europe, and islands image travel, Greece, and sky image Greece, white, and summer image
after visiting greece, I have truly been obsessed with only white houses and they make me sooo happy

8. roses and flowers

flowers, rose, and pink image beautiful, fashion, and make up image

9. wonderful drawings

Image by இMon Chériஇ ♥ art, horse, and drawing image overlay, edits, and editing needs image art, drawing, and illustration image

My list could go on forever and mentally it actually does. However I want to remind you, that even smaller things can make you happy. You don't need a ton of money or success to be happy. Look for the smaller things in life~ anixxa

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