I thought I should share a little list of some of my all-time favourite albums. They're not in a specific order, and I'm sure I've missed something but this is a start. They are from quite a range of genres, so even if you don't like the first couple, I'd suggest looking through them all because I really want to share these albums as I think everyone should listen to them! Please enjoy and if you find one you like message me so I can join you in your excitement about the brilliancy of the music! I've included Spotify links (you're welcome)


beautiful, music, and girls in hawaii image
Plan Your Escape - Girls In Hawaii

Genre: Alternative
This album is so chill but also can be a bit haunting but in a good way. Makes me think about life
Track to highlight: Sun of the Sons



album, man, and fried image
Fried - Fried

Genre: RnB/Soul
This album is so chill and casual I love to listen to it when I work. It's not on Spotify which is annoying but I'll put the YouTube link
Track to highlight: Sugar Water Days




childish gambino, donald glover, and album image
“Awaken, My Love!” - Childish Gambino

Genre: RnB/Soul
This album is so sonically complete and cohesive. This is one you have to listen to in the right order, all in one go
Track to highlight: Me & Your Mama



claustrophobia, the bridge, and music image
This Is For The White In Your Eyes - Choir Of Young Believers

Genre: Alternative
I am so glad I know this album honestly it is so good the vibe is so chill and atmospheric
Track to highlight: Claustrophobia



music, one man can't carry, and half a piano image
One Man Can’t Carry Half A Piano - The Bonfire Band

Genre: Folk/Singer Songwriter
This album is so positive and down-to-earth. They're a London band and you can definitely hear that in the music
Track to highlight: Ella Florence England



album, amazing, and david bowie image
The Best Of David Bowie 1969/1974 - David Bowie

Genre: Rock
Now I'm sure everyone reading this has listened to and probably loves David Bowie, and this choice of album will probably cause some controversy, but this is the 'best of' album I used to listen to most and these songs are some of my favourites
Track to highlight: John, I'm Only Dancing




amazing, i love, and wolf alice image
My Love Is Cool - Wolf Alice

Genre: Alternative
Wow this album is amazing. It's both happy and sad, angry and pensive, and yet it is sonically cohesive
Track to highlight: Silk



disney, pocahontas, and john smith image
Pocahontas Soundtrack - Alan Menken

Genre: Soundtrack
Ok, I realise this is an odd choice, but for me it's nostalgic and I love this music. I know the film has some (many) political issues but when I was growing up it was always my favourite and that's why it's included here
Track to highlight: Skirmish



music, album, and reggae image
Ultimate Collection - Jimmy Cliff

Genre: Reggae
I love Jimmy Cliff, and this 'best of' just sums up why. Listen to this and you'll be immediately transported to summer
Track to highlight: Wonderful World, Beautiful People




album, violet, and musique image
Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague

Genre: Alternative
Nouvelle Vague is a French band which covers songs by other artists, however they make them very much their own
Track to highlight: Friday Night Saturday Morning



twenty one pilots, blurryface, and music image
Blurryface - twenty one pilots

Genre: Alternative/Rap
Ok, so this is a really popular album I know, but it's popular because it's so amazing. It's exciting and reflective and sad
Track to highlight: Lane Boy



counting crows, films, and music image
Films About Ghosts - Counting Crows

Genre: Rock
I love this album for its authentic yet edgy feel. I can always feel the passion in the songs and I love it
Track to highlight: Anna Begins


Bonus Round

These are albums that I love and want to share with the world, but aren't necessarily my favourite albums of all time


1989, era, and taylor image
Taylor Swift

Genre: Country/Pop
Ok so I know this isn't just one album but I couldn't choose - I love all six of Taylor's albums. Her earlier albums are nostalgic and sweet, whereas Reputation is chock full of female power and makes me feel invincible (also Swifties will be pleased to see that this is number 13 on the list)



selena gomez, fetish, and selena image
Selena Gomez

Genre: Pop
Again, I couldn't choose a favourite Selena album, so I just put her in as a complete artist. Similar to Taylor, her first albums are much more nostalgic, whilst her later albums are so empowered I love the evolution



cat, cats, and scientists image
With Love And Squalor - We Are Scientists

Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
If you like Two Door Cinema Club, you'll probably like this although it's a bit harder. There is so much anger in these songs, but it's not aggressive, and actually some of the songs are really sad
Track to highlight: Inaction



album, red, and music image
Coming Home - Leon Bridges

Genre: RnB/Soul
This album is so chilled out and warm I love the vibe. It's vintage and yet modern which I love
Track to highlight: Coming Home



cia, red, and floral image
Lost In Translation - New Politics

Genre: Alternative
I love this album for its range of anger and love songs. It's a brilliant one to dance to
Track to highlight: CIA



regina spektor image
Far - Regina Spektor

Genre: Alternative
This album is absolutely gorgeous. The lyrics are incredible and the piano is to die for
Track to highlight: Genius Next Door



album, spring offensive, and black and white image
Young Animal Hearts - Spring Offensive

Genre: Indie
This is an album in which the lyrics are so important. The stories are so interesting and emotional and beautiful
Track to highlight: Not Drowning But Waving



glorious, foxes, and music image
Glorious - Foxes

Genre: Pop
This album is actually only on here because of its nostalgic meaning for me. It reminds me of being young and it reminds me of my little sister
Track to highlight: Night Owls Early Birds



film image
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Original Soundtrack) - Carter Burwell

Genre: Soundtrack
This is a truly magnificent soundtrack, and you definitely don't have to have seen the film to appreciate it (although it's a fantastic film). It's chill and eerie but beautiful and it's brilliant to work to
Track to highlight: His Master's Voice