I know I haven't really posted much, but I would like to introduce myself a little bit better. I thought this challenge would be very suitable. So I'll start:

1. Personality
summer, beach, and surf image nature, andventure, and travel image body, life, and alexis ren image girl, friends, and grunge image couple, love, and goals image fuck, give, and a image
I am a very spontaneous, impulsive and crazy girl. I love to travel and am very adventurous. I love water and my best friend. I am a person who values friendship and love very much. However, I am also a person who doesn't really fight for people who hurt me. If someone talks stupid about me, it doesn't really concern me.
2. Style
fashion, outfit, and red image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, red, and outfit image Image by ilonamroz Inspiring Image on We Heart It
So I love thick sweaters, whether knitted or fabric. Besides, I actually like everything that is striped, red, black, white, yellow or blue. If you want to know more about my style, you can just have a look at my collection Fashion. Actually, anything you see there, I'd wear right now.
3. Shoes
xo image shoes, fashion, and black image converse, black, and shoes image fashion, vans, and shoes image
So I love sneakers, especially converse and vans. I also think high heels are simply beautiful, but unfortunately I can't really wear them because I'm quite tall.
4. Animals
animal, cute, and lion image animal, beautiful, and inspire image turtle, cute, and beach image dog, puppy, and pitbull image
I just love animals
5. Series
Temporarily removed Vampire Diaries image stranger things image computer image favorite, serie, and love image shadowhunters image
There are too many to count them all here hahahah
6. Movies
Image by Dani Image by Dalia Perea movie, 80s, and dirty dancing image pretty woman, julia roberts, and movie image flower, movie, and series image movie image
As with the series, there are simply too many of them hahaha.
7. Dreams and Goals
Image by →ღ♥Fελι→ღ♥ med, nurse, and sciences image family, love, and couple image house, luxury, and home image
If you want to see more of my goals read my article bucketlist
8. Hobbys
ballet and dance image girl, board, and lifestyle image book, coffee, and aesthetic image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα
I hope you like it

Have a good Day