Hi! I am a big Potterhead, so when I saw this tag, I knew I had to do it. I found this challenge on this profile :


  • Which House Do You Belong In?


harry potter, hogwarts, and hufflepuff image

  • What Is Your Patronus?


wolf, harry potter, and patronus image

  • Who Is Your Favourite Female Character?

Luna Lovegood

beautiful, blonde, and ravenclaw image

  • Who Is Your Favourite Male Character?

Fred and George Weasley

book, magic, and fred and george image

  • Who Is The Female Character You Hate The Most?

Dolores Umbridge

harry potter, kill, and umbridge image

  • Who Is The Male Character You Hate The Most?

Peter Pettigrew

harry potter, map, and potter image

  • Part That Made You Cry

Sirius' Death

harry potter, sirius black, and bellatrix lestrange image

  • Wand, Stone Or Cloak


harry potter, wand, and hogwarts image

  • What Is Your Favourite Subject?


harry potter, hogwarts, and transfiguration image

  • A Spell You Would Do in Real Life?

Wingardium Leviosa

harry potter, wingardium leviosa, and magic image

  • Your Position In Quidditch?


harry potter, snitch, and the golden snitch image


Thank You for reading.