heyo! this is my first article, ever, and it is based on my really awesome playlist on youtube. all of my beautiful followers are hella aesthetic, so why shouldn't their music be? these are just a few recommendations of songs that i am obsessed with. enjoy!

girl in red- i wanna be your girlfriend
why it's aesthetic: beautifully gay, indie acoustic, 'life is strange' vibes, relatable lyrics, a classic

bernadette carrol- laughing on the outside
why it's aesthetic: it's vintage as fuck, comes from 'the end of the f***ing world', depicts what it feels like after a breakup, the singer has a beautiful voice

young the giant- cough syrup
why it's aesthetic: oh boy, can i tell you. this song is a masterpiece, with sad but true lyrics, such as "life's too short to even care at all". the singer's voice is amazing, the guitar solo isn't too much, and it's a soft song with a powerful message

bea miller- s.l.u.t.
why it's aesthetic: it promotes self love with a bright, open beat; it tells slut shamers to fuck off; and the whole song is just a big hug for young girls saying "you do whatever you want with your body, it's yours, after all"

billie eilish- my boy
why it's aesthetic: billie eilish boomed in 2017 from locally popular to basically everywhere with her hits "COPYCAT" and "ocean eyes". however, 'my boy' and '&burn' are my favorites by her. her voice sounds like an angel, the beat is heavy, contrasting her voice, and the special effects added are hilarious. (alright, dude, go...trip over a knife)

oohyo- pizza
why it's aesthetic: it gives sort of an 80s vibe, her voice sounds really young and clear, the lyrics are awesome, and, be honest, it's named pizza. like, how is that NOT aesthetic???

christian akridge- can't help falling in love
why it's aesthetic: oh my god his voice is enchanting. it is by far the best cover of that song, and it's just so...beautiful. no other words. ;u;

varsity- so sad, so sad
why it's aesthetic: it has a simple beat, it gives off a vintage vibe, and the lyrics are very relatable with relationships.

harry styles- kiwi
why it's aesthetic: when i first heard this song i was hella shook, because it got so rockish so quickly?? and it sounds like a 90s song?? and it was just great?? i feel like i should listen to him more???

khai dreams- ultimately
why it's aesthetic: it's so sweet and comforting. his voice is silky smooth, and the lyrics are so soft.

( yeah, most of these songs are indie, soft, and simple, no outrageous pop songs. really, though, i hope you like these, i personally love them. and if you have any other suggestions on articles i could do, just send me a postcard! )