Whi is a sea of beautiful images and amazing articles. There's a thousand things to get inspired from! If you want to be writer, then start with an article that describes YOU. Give hearters and introduction to your unique self. Here's an example:

5 facts about me ♡

It's not necessary to give some facts about yourself. You can jump right in the article ocean by writing on so many different topics! Here's some topics you can write on:

🖤 Books

Books about teenagers

🖤 Fashion (tips, style, outfits)

Clothes By Color Of The Rainbow

🖤 Health (skin care, etc)

10 Simple tips for glowing skin

🖤 Quotes

10 Girl Power Quotes

🖤 Music

40 Songs You Have To Listen At Least Once🎵

🖤 Movies

10 inspirational quotes to live by

🖤 Hair

Hairstyles I love

Besides these topics, there are so much more fun things that you can write articles on!

And if you're not interested in writing articles (yeah I know they can be a bother) then don't worry! You can choose to post pictures instead. You can heart pictures you like and grow your account. It's fun when you have lots of followers ;-)

If you want to get inspiration in pictures then don't worry! I've made a list just for you to get inspired from:


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image lingerie, rose, and style image dress, fashion, and girl image
There's the never-ending fashion category (which I'm obsessed to!)

∆ *Makeup"

Image by n2srin 3bd makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image makeup, mac, and lipstick image Image by Dark Paradise †
If you crave makeup (like most girls) then you can be all about it!


Image removed girl, grunge, and alternative image girl, friends, and grunge image blood, aesthetic, and converse image
If you like living on the grungy side, then this category is perfect for you!


paris, photography, and travel image travel, map, and coffee image travel, cuba, and city image fashion, travel, and outfit image
Dreaming of travelling someday? You can get inspired from these beautiful pictures.


chic image tattoo and art image tattoo, art, and flowers image tattoo, all the love, and ink image
Aren't tattoos just lovely? You can post pictures of your fave tattoo designs!


blonde, braid, and plaits image girl image hair, girl, and pink image hairstyle image
There are practically thousands of hairstyle pictures on Whi to get inspired from.


baby, chic, and fashion image strong and quotes image aesthetic, importance, and baby image rose, quotes, and pink image
Love quotes, purpose quotes, empowerment quotes, they're all here!


art, drawing, and flowers image art, aesthetic, and eye image art, red, and paint image drawing, eye, and art image
Yeah, we all wanna be artists, don't we?


donuts, food, and pink image unicorn, food, and drink image food, waffles, and heart image ice cream, food, and rose image
Who isn't a foodie among us? I mean, you could fall in love with these cool pictures!

There are many more things to get inspired from! If I listed them all, I'd be here for an eternity! But here are a few more:

  • Love
  • Books
  • Nature
  • Empowerment
  • Celebrities
  • Alternative
  • Wanderlust
  • Neon
  • Animals
  • Beach
  • Anime

That's it, lovely hearters! Hopefully I've given you at least a tiny bit of inspiration for your next post(s).
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