If you have already red my January playlist, you'll find nearly the same bands/artists... But I wanted to do this playlist because I love to share music with others so...

-Radiohead : Creep

-Pixies : Where is my mind

-Arch Enemy : The Eagle flies alone

-Guns N Roses : Don't cry

-Nirvana : All Apologies

-Lana Del Rey : In my feelings

-Scorpion : Still loving you

-Red Hot chili peppers : Snow

-Arch enemy : Nemesis

-Sam Smith : Palace

I love Lana, Nirvana, so you'll find them quite often in my playlist. Or and also I'm a metal head, Arch Enemy is one of my fav' metal band (I can do a metal playlist). These songs reflect what I'm currently listening. Tell me what are your favorites bands :)