I write this article, my first one, just for myself. It´s about that what I love and what I enjoy at this world. I´ve read an article about that ago, and I liked that. So I want to scribe such one right now. If there are mistakes, respect that, please. I´m just a german student and I´m learning this language right now. Yeah, I know my english is not extremely good. ;-)

Let´s go!

I love...

...the guys around me.
They´re so wonderful! They´re so helpful if I need them. When I´m sad or have to do too much things for school or need just someone to talk, they´re there for me, also in the most difficult times of my life.

...to read.
Everybody has to read a very good book. If you read you can forget the world around you and relax. They´re giving you so much for your life. Also the smallest or thinnest one! They help you and give so many inspirations, how to live. You´re not getting stupid from reading one of them.;-)

...to listen music.
Music is my life. I listen to music every day. It makes me feel better and happy to be alive when I´m down. There are so many wonderful songs at this world.

...to look and listen to the nature.
Look, it´s so beautiful! Isn´t it? Sometimes I look for stars, they´re doing something with me, I can´t describe. I just can say: Wow!

...to travel.
I can speak french, english and german, my first language. I like to visit new cities and places. It´s exciting! Till now I just travel with my family, but in future I wanna travel with my best friend or maybe alone too.

And at least ...food.
I love to cook or visit a restaurant with my family or with my friends. It´ll never end!