#1 ~ a song you like with a colour in the title:

Red - Mt. Wolf

#2 ~ a song you like with a number in the title:

05.20.22 - Girls in Hawaii

#3 ~ a song that reminds you of the summer time:

California Dreamin’ - The Mamas & The Papas

#4 ~ a song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget:

Don’t Delete the Kisses - Wolf Alice

#5 ~ a song that needs to be played loud:

Me & Your Mama - Childish Gambino

#6 ~ a song that makes you want to dance:

Shine - Years & Years

#7 ~ a song to drive to:

CIA - New Politics

#8 ~ a song about drugs or alcohol:

Sugar Coated Iceberg - The Lightning Seeds

#9 ~ a song that makes you happy:

Wouldn’t It Be Nice - The Beach Boys

#10 ~ a song that makes you sad:

Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
Soapy Water - Wolf Alice

#11 ~ a song you never get tired of:

John, I’m Only Dancing (Saxophone Version) - David Bowie

#12 ~ a song from your pre-teen years:

Eyes Wide Shut - JLS
Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

#13 ~ a song you like from the 70's:

Moondance - Van Morrison

#14 ~ a song you'd love to be played at your wedding:

I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos

#15 ~ a song you like that's a cover by other artist/s:

Making Plans For Nigel - Nouvelle Vague

#16 ~ a song that's a classic favorite:

Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

#17 ~ a song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke:

Breaking Free - High School Musical Cast

#18 ~ an oldie, but a goodie:

You Can Get It If You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff

#19 ~ a song that makes you think about life:

Burgs - Mt. Wolf

#20 ~ a song that has many meanings to you:

Boys And Girls - Pixie Lott

#21 ~ a song with a person's name in the title:

Ella Florence England - The Bonfire Band

#22 ~ a song to listen to when you're in love:

Sabali - Amadou et Mariam

#23 ~ a song you think everybody should listen to:

Eyes On You - Millie Turner

#24 ~ a song by a band you wish were still together:

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer - The Beatles

#25 ~ a song by an artist no longer living:

Suzanne - Leonard Cohen

#26 ~ a song that makes you want to fall in love:

Simple As This - Jake Bugg

#27 ~ a song that breaks your heart:

The Other Woman - Nina Simone

#28 ~ a song by an artist you love:

Claustrophobia - Choir Of Young Believers

#29 ~ a song you remember from your childhood:

We Beseech Thee - Godspell Original Cast Recording
Mr. Pinstripe Suit - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

#30 ~ a song that reminds you of yourself:

Friday Night Saturday Morning - Nouvelle Vague
Silk - Wolf Alice

Thanks for reading!