If you feel too much pressure at work or at home, try to change some things that increase your level of stress and anxiety. For example, order your desk or arrange the papers that have you worried. Identifies that those who do not bother in different areas and defines that they are easy to attend; You will notice that most of you took less than hours and that it will mean a great change in your life.


What you need least in these moments of crisis is the design of people with a negative attitude. If you do so you will absorb your bad vibes and new ones will increase your frustration. On the contrary, positive people can have what you need to transform your mood and see things from another perspective.


If you have a routine it will be very difficult for you to stop thinking about the difficult situation you are going through. Therefore, the best thing to do is to carry out some activity that you normally do not do. You could take a few minutes to walk in a park or maybe take a tour of a museum; that is, you must "change the air". You will return to the office with new ideas and solutions.


It is the wisest advice that your friends and family have given you. When you have a problem with a person or you face a failure, the most common is to turn this situation into a reminder of your shortcomings and limitations. "I'm not good for this" or "that person hates me" are common phrases. To get ahead you will have to stop thinking like that, be empathetic and try to understand why it happened or why the other acted in that way.


When we are going through difficult times we tend to see everything black. This is how we stop seeing the good that happens around us. Take a few minutes to calm down and think about the positive things. Try to write and read them every so often. It will serve as a reminder that not everything is wrong.


This exercise can be extremely relaxing and inspiring. Start every day by meditating for about five minutes. Use that time to focus on your breathing and your body. Let the thoughts pass and avoid judging them. Try to do it in a quiet place, right after getting up. It will reassure you.


If your company is suffering a crisis or you have a serious problem at work, it is likely that you will have difficulty setting aside your computer or cell phone. However, spending a completely "unplugged" time, away from messages and problems could be the best vitamin. Turn off any form of communication for 10 minutes and dedicate yourself to doing something that you really enjoy.


I know what you think: "I do not have the time or inclination to run or go to the gym." Yes, your agenda is saturated, but that's not why you have to neglect your body and your health. In addition, exercise serves to release endorphins, which translates into excellent therapy to expel your anger or sadness through your movements.


As we always advise, in your career as an entrepreneur and professional it is essential that you have this figure. It can be a friend, a teacher or a relevant personality in your sector; the important thing is that he is someone with experience and that he is honest enough to speak to you with the truth. Relaxing with him or her will give you a sense of peace, and you could also receive advice that allows you to alter that terrible course you are following.


When you go through a difficult moment, it is normal for you to blame everyone, to let off steam with your partner and your friends and to be against anything that is put in front of you. The most advisable thing is that you feel to think and analyze what is the reason why you have those feelings. Doing so will help you understand if it is something that you can control or something that you do not and that you should rather accept and let go. That's where the wisdom lies.


Belén Gómez Pereira