Hola (we're not spanish btw)
So this is our first blog so we kinda don't know what the hell we are doing. Apologies in advance.
If you have any requests of products you would like us to review or any blog ideas we could use then hmu. Since this is our first post, we figured we would just do a lil introduction.

I'm Emily. I'm 14 and am looking forward to starting this blog!! I want to include a ton of product reviews, so lemme know if their is anything in particular you'd be interested to hear about! I'm trying to go for a Maggie Lindemann kind of aesthetic only insta (@emilyyaates) Also, we are both into fashion and makeup, so be expecting to hear a lot about that too. Heres the link to my insta if your interested https://www.instagram.com/emilyyaates/?hl=en Some my favourite artists are Ariana Grande and Lourde, i'd love to include music on this blog in some way. I spend all my spare time either reading or on Netflix. Okay, i'll admit it I spend a fair amount of time eating crap as well (I should probably be obese). Soo, I hope you are going to enjoy Netflix show reviews because I might write up a few of those lmao.

Hi, I'm Jeannie, the other co-owner of this blog (we're doing it togther). And yes, it's Jeannie, like the one in the lamp lmao. I've been thinking of doing some book reviews of my all time favourites so if you have any recommendations then i'd love to hear them (i'm a big fan of the classic teenage cliches). Although me an Emily are very similar, our instagram aesthetics are different. Mine's a lil lighter and brighter in comparison to Emily's slightly darker vibe (https://www.instagram.com/jeanniemcguinness/) In particular, i'm excited for the fashion aspect of this blog. I feel like makeup is something a lot of people use to 'express themselves' (cringe, I know) or whatever, but fashion is something that people my age especially hold back on a lil bit. Sooo, i'm excited to explore that a bit more on here!!
We hope you have enjoyed this not so short intro and you now know what to expect.