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Here's a list of twenty beautiful words everyone should know:

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1 | astrophile


a person who loves stars or astronomy

2 | oblivion


the condition or quality of being completely forgotten

3 | sonder


the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own

4 | scintilla


a tiny, brilliant flash or spark

a small thing

a barely-visible trace

5 | esprit d'escalier


the witty comeback you think of after the time is past to use it

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6 | aesthete


someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature

7 | phosphenes


the colors or "stars" you see when you rub your eyes

8 | serendipity


finding something good without looking for it

a fortunate coincidence

9 | absence


the state of being away from a place or person

the highest form of presence

10 | meraki


to do something with soul, creativity, or love

to put something of yourself into your work

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11 | wonderwall


someone you find yourself thinking about all the time

the person you are completely infatuated with

12 | orphic


mysterious and entrancing

beyond ordinary understanding

13 | thantophobia


the phobia of losing someone you love

14 | nyctophilia


love of darkness or night

finding relexation or comfort in the darkness

15 | pluviophile


a person who loves and takes comfort from rain

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16 | eunoia


beautiful thinking

17 | ludic


full of fun and high spirits

18 | uitwaaien


to take a break to clear one's head

literally, to walk in the wind

19 | solitude


a state of seclusion or isolation

20 | luminescene


light produced by chemical, electrical, or physiological means

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