Welcome back! Today, I'm going to share what tattoos i want to get and what they mean to me.

An infinity sign

tattoo, infinity, and forever image
I want to get these with my friends to show that we will be together forever, as we have all been friends for quite a few years now.

A rose

tattoo, flowers, and rose image
I want this tattoo as I have always loved roses as they are so rich in colour and are so beautiful.

A lavender sprig

tattoo, flowers, and ankle image
I want this tattoo because my Nan loved Lavender and always grew it and gave some to me to help me sleep.

A bunch of Daffodils

tattoo and flowers image
I want this tattoo because my other Nan loved daffodils and would always have a bunch when they were in season.

A paw print

nails and tattoo image
I want this tattoo because animals are a huge part of my life and I just want a paw print to show that.

A small heart

tattoo, heart, and couple image
I've always wanted this tattoo.

That brings this article to an end! speak soon.
Over and out,
Grace x
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