so this is my first article and i wanted to do something i love so why not anime? these are my favorite anime ever and i never regretted watching them (sorry if i made any spelling mistakes English is my third language)

1.Shingeki no kyojin

gif, manga, and attack on titan image Abusive image shingeki no kyojin, manga, and attack on titan image gif, attack on titan, and shingeki no kyojin image
this is one of the best anime i have ever watched it is so AMAZING if you love dark fiction this is perfect ghoul

anime, gif, and Otaku image tokyo ghoul image Image by La_Diferente tokyo ghoul, anime, and juuzou image
this is horror , dark fantasy and thriller type of anime and if you love that kind than this is perfect for you (it contain a lot of bloody scenes)

3.Avatar the last air bender

zuko image avatar, aang, and zuko image aang and toph image avatar, the last airbender, and gif image
this the first anime i ever watched and i personaly adore it from the charaters to the story and evrything it's just perfect

4.Boku no hero academia

gif image boku no hero academia, anime, and my hero academia image all might, boku no hero academia, and my hero academia image villain, dabi, and gif image
this anime is evryting for me i cried a lot of times while watching it it has a comedie side wich i love so much

5.Death note

Inspiring Image on We Heart It anime, death note, and gif image anime, death note, and gif image death note, anime, and gif image
for plenty of resons i love this anime because of it original story and amazing characters it's just wonderful

that all i got for tis article hope you like it and found some new inspiration .

xoxo,SaLMA ^_^