Hi guys!
This is my first article and this tag seemed like fun to do
Hope you enjoy it :)



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but to be honest, if feel much older

Best Movie

Pride & Prejudice and Lord of the Rings

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Totally different film genres, but i love them both equally

Current Time


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Drink You Last Had


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Everyday Starts With

Waking up

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with or without my bf both make me sad because he's not a morning person

Favourite Song

At the moment 'And the Snakes Start to Sing' by Bring me the Horizon or 'Therapy' by All Time Low

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Grossest Memory

So two years ago on nye i was going to meet my boyfriend's friends for the first time and I had to puke and after that I had a mental breakdown so i missed new year :(

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In Love With

My lovely boyfriend

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I'm a jealous person, but sometimes it happens unknowingly, because I think being jealous is unnecessary

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Killed Someone

Maybe in my mind

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Last Time You Cried

Two days ago

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Middle Name

I've got two but one is Adïel, but they always mistake it with ariel

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am i a disney princess yet?

Number Of Siblings

One little brother

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One Wish

I wish my family a happy life

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Person You Last Called/Texted

My boyfriend

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Question You're Always Asked

Are you Chinese?

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and no i'm from indonesia but i was born in the netherlands

Reasons To Smile

My boyfriend, music, pride & prejudice and travelling

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Song You Last Sang

One Dance by Drake

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Time You Woke Up


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Underwear Color


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Vacation Places

Indonesia and Italy

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Worst Habit

Picking the skin around my nails

X-Rays You've Had


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Your Favourite Food

Smoothies and pizza

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Zodiac Sign


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Lots of love,