#1 Invitation

Christmas party, etsy, and rustic christmas image etsy, party invitation, and holiday invitation image

#2 Perfect location

Choose a beautiful location by renting a big house or Apartment to celebrate with all of your friends

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#3 Decorate

christmas, winter, and tree image christmas, winter, and home image christmas, winter, and holiday image Temporarily removed

#4 Selfie corner or a Photo Booth

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food, dinner, and candles image christmas, winter, and Cookies image winter, christmas, and candle image Image by '.'

#6 Dress up

fashion, girl, and gold image fashion, dress, and girl image couple, love, and luxury image dress and burgundy image

#7 Just have fun

taylor hill, model, and Behati Prinsloo image girl, party, and glitter image champagne, happy, and summer image boyfriend, date, and laugh image

#8 Cuddles and laughs

when all of the people are gone and its just you with your bestest friends. Change in something comfortable and cozy and just chill for the rest of the night.

aesthetic, christmas, and girls image Mature image kylie jenner and friends image accessories, bae, and couples image girl, vintage, and friends image couple, love, and hug image

and then a nice christmas brunch

girl, friends, and vintage image food, breakfast, and bacon image black coffee, good morning, and honey image grunge, light, and rose gold image

#9 Gifting

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