#1 Pool

summer, girls, and beach image birthday, peoples, and pool party image

#2 Backyard

Mature image backyard, beauty, and scenery image

#3 Fireplace

friends, fire, and hipster image fire, marshmallow, and autumn image

#4 Picnic Place

Image removed buffet, food, and party image

#5 Food

food, sushi, and sushi bar image girl, food, and smile image
Sushi Buffet inside
amazing, breakfast, and chocolate image barbecue, bbq, and burgers image
Grill outside
cake, chocolate, and cream image cake, food, and sweet image food and sweet image ice cream, food, and summer image
Dessert Buffet

#6 Drinks

delicious, drink, and yummy image Mature image bar, drinks, and Cocktails image drink, food, and cocktail image

#7 Photo Booth / Guest book

aesthetic, best friends, and besties image Image by Recursos Wattpad

#8 All your Friends & FUN FUN FUN