Hey, how are you?

Today, I want to share my opinions on the social approvement...

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What is it?

The social improvement is a sociology term how shows the social behavior in front of other people.
It can be the social norms for being happy (show in Snapchat your perfect life) or your conversation with and other people (speak about your perfect life)...
Anyway, it is to show your perfect life everywhere...

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Why can it be bad?

The thing to show your perfect life can be bad for you because you can have the impression that you live in a lie. You can't have the life you pretend to have and you can be depressed because of that.
And another bad thing is that the others with their perfect life can influence your mood and to make a such of negative mood.

How to go out of the social approvement?

The first thing that you can do is that stop for a week to post on your social media.
It is like a little digital detox how can be benefic for you.
The second thing is to think about what your post, why you want to post this: to have much likes or to indulge oneself?
Why do you want to have much likes...
The third thing is to look less at the social media of other and to look less at your phone.
And the fourth and last thing is to stop to want to look good, it is a long process, but it is important...

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I hope that you enjoy my article.
If u like this type of reflexion article you can send me a message and I try to carry this type of articles!

Pour les francophones, je vous propose d'aller voir la vidéo de "Répertoire de pensée" qui s'appelle "Ne vous laissez pas ENVAHIR par la PREUVE SOCIALE".

I try to make the next post in german...^^