May the odds be ever in your favor

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"You never forget the face of the person who is your last hope" - Katniss Everdden
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"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear" - President Snow"
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"You're my whole life. I would never be happy again" - Peeta Mellark
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"Here's some advice. Stay alive" - Haymitch Abernathy
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"It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart" - Finnick Odair"
Jennifer Lawrence, katniss, and gale image food, the hunger games, and catching fire image travel, forest, and nature image catching fire, katniss everdeen, and katniss image
"There is no place for a girl on fire" - Katniss Everdeen
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"Show them how good you are" - Gale Hawthorne
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"I told her I would win for her" - Katniss Everdeen"
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"You have to win" - Rue
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"Fire is catching and if we burn, you burn with us" - Katniss Everdeen