You made me the happiest girl alive. You made the wolrd a better place. You thought me how to be strong and powerful. You made me better.

3 years have went by, what am i actually waiting for? For you you to come back and say "Sorry, sorry that i left you" or "I still love you" why, why are you still the one that pops up in my head every morning i wake up. Why do i still have hope. Why do you still make me happy even though we dont talk anymore.

You were always there for me, you were the one i could come back to on my darkest days. You made me forget that i was heartbroken. You used to help pick up my pices and put them back together but now you're the reason i'm falling apart.
I guess they were right, love is blind. And the only thing i need to do right now is forget you like you did and if you need me or decide to come back i won't be there.