Its crazy how so much can change in a year. People mature up, grow taller, look older... grow up.

What I'm talking about is how people change. One year you get called a slut for dating a guy and moving on a week later to the next. Now the definition of slut is that when a girl has lots of fuck buddies. People would go after you because you said their mascara was too clumpy or their eyebrows look fucked. Now people fight over reasonable stuff, like when someone's talking serious shit, or when someone snitched. Wanting to fight someone for a different way they look at you is unbelievable. Yet all this changed when I left and the same shit is happening here and I have to go through it all over again.

It's crazy how one year someone can think of you as a slut, loser, ugly bitch, ect, ect. Then the next year he thinks of you as this beautiful queen that he has been looking for his whole life. In my old school I was the loser, and ugly girl and of course he was a hot, hockey boy. Now he wants me but it would be long distance... He is even saying it would be a fully committed relationship and he said he would give me his sweater when I come to see him. I'm not sure if I want to fall for it. After all he was the guy to say he wanted these girls and then go talk shit behind their backs n humiliate them. He was one of my besetfriend's since we were like 8.

I hope you enjoyed it loves:)

(btw loves is something I'm gonna call you guys).