We live in a time where you can have everything. Anyway, i would prefer to live in vintage times. I'm obsessed with it. Classical movies, chic fashion & decor... It's all about living the dream. Definitely, vintage is life ♡
Don't you think in the same way? I'm sure you all do. Here are some good reasons why.

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Vintage movies ♡

new york, audrey hepburn, and Breakfast at Tiffany's image audrey hepburn, vintage, and icon image awesome, extraordinary, and fancy image 60s, beauty, and aesthetic image

Actresses ♡

Marilyn Monroe ♡

Marilyn Monroe, vintage, and blonde image Marilyn Monroe, black and white, and dress image actress, icon, and Marilyn Monroe image marilyn, Marilyn Monroe, and monroe image

Audrey Hepburn ♡

audrey hepburn, vintage, and beauty image audrey hepburn, umbrella, and audrey image audrey hepburn, vintage, and 50s image audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and cat image

Sophia Loren ♡

beautiful, classy, and loren image sophia loren, vintage, and black and white image sophia loren and actress image sophia loren, fashion, and pink image

Vintage music ♡

70s, gif, and aesthetic image image, music, and vintage image memories, song, and Best image music, sad, and happy image

Vintage fashion ♡

girl, photography, and black and white image dress, fashion, and wedding image dress image black and white, vintage, and actress image

Vintage decor ♡

Image by sündos stairs, architecture, and interior image art, architecture, and design image home, bathroom, and interior image

Inspiration ♡

Thank you for reading & rating my article, Evi ♡