Say I love you... It´s hard to say, isn´t it?

I have loved him for 4 years and 3 years I loved him secretly. It was hurting me... that he didn´t know my feelings to him. We know each other, we talked every day, we smiled every day, we met every day and I all this time pretended "happy" smile instead of "fall in love" smile. It was killing me, day by day more and more.

So after stupid and funny 3 years I decided I can´t live like that. I told myself I have to say it. I have nothing to lost. I have to tell him I LOVE YOU, I have always loved you.

So 25th of January 2017 after school, I sent him message "meet me under our tree". (Every day after school we smoke after that tree.) So he came, we were smoking and suddenly I said that. I told him I love you. He didn´t know what to say so I ask him, if he want to kiss me... And he anwered "I have always wanted"

So We loved each other all that years but no one was be strong to say that stupid three words.

Now we are together more than years and it´s the most beautiful relationship then I could dreamd.

So ya, I was nervous, I was scared, but I did it because I had to... I know he´s the right man with whom I want to have future, home.

I´m proud of myself and you could be too.