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Today's article is all about simple little things you can change/add to your nail routine! I wanted to share with you a few things I came up with that will improve the overall look of your nails, keeping it real simple and easy!

I splitted in two parts because this article was going to end up being super long. So today I will be talking about nail care and some few tricks to make people think you spent way more time doing your nails than you actually did! And the second part is all about super simple nail art ideas! You can check it out right here:

So let's get started!

The shape

What will make anyone’s nails look 10 times better is having them neat and clean. Here is when cutting and filing your nails take an important part. If you are not sure on how to properly cut and file your nails, I highly suggest looking up some youtube videos. You will understand much better by actually seeing what the person is doing than me trying to write it. But basically, try to cut them all the same size and then file them avoiding going back and forth and only file them when they are completely dry! (for example, if you just took a shower, did the dishes, etc wait before filing them because your nails are the weakest when wet).

I do not cut my nails anymore, I just file them down to the length I desire. I think it is less damaging to the nail, and also easier to manage how short/long I want them to be as I can go little by little and stop whenever I want to. I think a common mistake is to cut your nails literally to the length you want them to be, because then you have to file them so, they will get shorter once you are done shaping them. So I would suggest not cutting them but filing them down, or cutting them but a little bit longer than the actual length you are going for.

There are many options when it comes to choosing between nail shapes. However, certain nail shapes look better in certain people. That’s because you should choose the shape of your nail based on your fingers. I mean, you don’t have to follow these rules but I did notice a change when I decided to start paying attention to these kind of things. But it’s totally up to you!

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Now, you might be asking yourself, what is the best nail shape for me? So I will tell you the basis:

  • Square: if long fingers as this shape tends to shorten the look of them because it abruptly stops with a clean and straight edge.
  • Round: if short and chubby fingers as it gives the ilusion of longer and slimmer fingers.
  • Oval and Almond: looks good in both slim and chubby fingers.
  • Stiletto: if short fingers.

The length

Whether you like long nails or short nails is a pretty personal thing. But, I would highly recommend you chose the length based on your lifestyle. For example, during holidays, I can let myself have super long nails cause I don’t do much tbh haha But when university starts again, long nails are a big nono, because as a graphic design student, I have to use super glue, I have to paint, cut, etc. So long nails are not comfortable at all to do all those things. Just try and see what lenght works best for you!

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The color(s)

It is easy to just pick a color and paint all your nails the same, but, when you want to paint your nails with several colors, you will have to start paying attention to how these colors work together. But, as the title of this article suggests, these are simple steps. So here’s a simple solution to the problem. Literally google “palette color” and you will find tons of color combinations that work together! Also, you could get inspired by a picture you like, a book cover, a cd, literally anything! Just look for things that have several colors and pay attention to how those colors work together.

palette, pastel, and pastel color image
But if you are lazy and don’t wanna do that, just use the same color in different shades, chose all pastel colors, etc. That will always look good too!

The accent nail

This is literally something so simple but makes such a huge different. I guess you all know what an accent nail is, but just in case, an accent nail is basically having one (or two) nails being different from the others. It could be simply that you paint them another color, or you just add a stud. That will make your nails look that much more interesting!

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Mixing textures

What I mean by this is, experiment and have fun with it! Let’s say you chose to pain your nails pink and you want to try to incorporate an accent nail as I just mentioned. It would make it look SO much better if you opted for a pink glitter or a mate finished polish. Just have fun with it. Try things, if you don’t like how they look, then remove it and start again. But I promise you, once you stop being afraid of mixing different textures, your overall nail look will improve a ton.

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General tips

  • Before applying any kind of nail polish, wash your hands.
  • Always apply a base coat before any other thing to your nails. It will prevent polish from staining your natural nails (especially if it is a dark color). And also, some base coats come with vitamins that help your nails grow stronger!
  • It’s better to apply two/three thin coats of nail polish that one super thick because it will dry faster and you will also prevent getting air bubbles.
  • If you have shaky hands, try resting your pinky on the table while painting the nails. It will give you more accuracy!
  • To make your nail polish last longer, first of all, always apply top coat (don’t forget the tip!). But then also, every two days, reapply another coat of it.
  • Don’t forget to use hand cream often. It will improve your overall look! If your hands are pretty and moisturized, then your nails will look even prettier!
  • Let your nails breath! When you take your nail polish off, don’t paint them again immediately. At least let them rest for a day, without any nail polish on.
  • Wear rings! This is dumb, I’m aware of it, but it works. Rings will make anything look better. Plus, if you have a simple look on your nails, you can totally spice it up with a nice ring.
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Well, that's it for today guys! I hope this was helpful for you, and that you learnt something new! Remember that to also check part 2 for more tips!

As always, feel free to message me if you want to leave a suggestion for my future articles or simply if you just wanna talk to someone ♡

Thank you for taking your time to read this, love you

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