What sports do you do?
Gymnastics, horse back riding, yoga, dancing, kickboxing and work outs (and some small once like figure skating and surfing that I only do in summer or winter).

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How many hours of sports do you do in a week?
I try to sport everyday for 1 or 2 hours so around 7 till 14 hours a week.

Cardio, balance or strenght work out?
If I can only do 1 for the rest of my life it will be balance.

Do you rather sport alone or together?
Rather alone (exept for when it is a team sport).

What do you do when you don’t want to sport? Can you motivate yourself?
I search for pictures of people doing the sport that I want/need to do that day and it will motivate me most of the times.

Do you have a big sport fail?
When I was younger I was on a jumping competition. When it was my turn to go into the ring my horse got really energetic (that horse bucks a lot so when he got energetic I already felt that something was wrong) so I rode to the first jump and my horse refused while he was running really hard and I fell over his neck with my neck on the jump. I began crying because I knew that was it and I felt really ashamed.

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What does irritate you when sporting?
I mostly have this with horse back riding, but it’s when people think they are really good at the sport but only do everything wrong (like when they huurt the horses).

Do you use any gadgets while sporting? (Apps on your phone, heart rate monitor, etc.)
No maybe a timer to know how long I’m doing it or music but nothing else really.

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