Hi babes !
How are you lovely people doing ? Today's article is the first one of my new serie called "Shop With Me", and it is a playlist !

This article serie (I don't know how many there's gonna be yet) is simply gonna be about how I shop : playlist, how I dress, money, what do I buy, some tips and tricks,... I hope you guys will enjoy it ! I think that for the next weeks, the Sunday's article is gonna be part of the serie, and the Wednesday's article is just gonna be regular.

So here we go, with my playlist (which is really long, sorry guys) ! Enjoy !

  • Paracetamol – Declan McKenna
  • Brazil – Declan McKenna
  • Green Light – Lorde
  • Supercut – Lorde
boy image ️lorde, flowers, and pink image
  • Humongous
  • The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
  • Listen To Your Friends
  • Why Do You Feel So Down
Image removed boy, boys, and concert image
(all by Declan McKenna)
  • Puchin' Bag – Cage The Elephant
  • Cigarette Daydreams – Cage The Elephant
  • my boy – Billie Eilish
  • hostage – Billie Eilish
alternative, indie, and bands image b&w, billie, and beauty image
  • party favor – Billie Eilish
  • Boys – Charli XCX
  • Uh Huh – Julia Michaels
  • Worship – Years & Years
charli xcx image celebrities, celebrity, and fashion image
  • Take Shelter – Years & Years
  • Idle Town – Conan Gray
  • Grow – Conan Gray
  • Brick By Brick – Arctic Monkeys
olly alexander image beautiful, boy, and conan image
  • Library Pictures – Arctic Monkeys
  • Suck It And See – Arctic Monkeys
  • Migraine – Twenty One Pilots
  • Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People
alex turner and arctic monkeys image bands, indie, and ftp image
  • Ride – Twenty One Pilots
  • We Don't Believe What's On TV – Twenty One Pilots
  • Hold Me Down – Halsey
  • Drive – Halsey
twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image halsey, badlands, and blue image
  • New Americana
  • Hurricane
  • Hauting
  • Gasoline
halsey image halsey, fans, and music image
(all by Halsey)
  • I Walk The Line
  • Heaven In Hiding
  • Now Or Never
  • Walls Could Talk
halsey image halsey image
  • Bad At Love – Halsey
  • COOL – Troye Sivan
  • YOUTH – Troye Sivan
  • The Good Side – Troye Sivan
halsey image angel, dazed, and photoshoot image
  • Sinner's Payer – Lady Gaga
  • Just Another Day – Lady Gaga
  • Midnight Train – Sam Smith
  • No Peace – Sam Smith
black, dress, and grammy image sam smith and instagram image
  • Crazy = Genius – Panic! At The Disco
  • Impossible Year – Panic! At The Disco
  • Hieeee – Alaska Thunderfuck
  • Nails – Alaska Thunderfuck
brendon urie, sexy, and evil image ru paul drag race and alaska thunderfvck image

(the link to the playlist on Spotify / it is called Thriftshop(ping) because I made it while thriftshopping)

So that's it guys ! Thanks for reading, and I will see you all on Wednesday with another article !

Love, always.