A lot of people are trying to find themselves. Some people don't understand that, but it feels empty when you don't understand who you are.

People began to put their identity into things like their hair, or money, grades or extracurricular activities. Of course, I do this too. It's a human thing to do and it gives us confidence and reassurance in ourselves.

Though our personality is mainly influenced by how our parents taught us to act when we were younger. Our looks fade when we get older and we could easily not be able to play sports anymore if we get injured.

The only thing that we can really trust to put our identity into without it breaking or falling apart is God. We can identify as God's children. This affects how we act, look, and see the world.

If you want to know more about God than read this ~

The hole that most of us has felt in our lives can be filled. It may temporarily be filled with something of the world, but God can transform us into the person he really wants us to be if we let him and finally be satisfied with ourselves.

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